Cary Santiago Revisits The Elegance Of The Aviary At TernoCon2018

Cary Santiago Revisits The Elegance Of The Aviary At TernoCon2018


Avian creatures are one of the most exquisite fauna that exist on Earth. With the rich array of colors, a widely varying display of plumage, and the effortless beauty they have upon spreading their wings, birds of all species can easily capture the attention of anybody. Given its undeniable beauty, when Cary Santiago revisited his fascination with winged creatures for TernoCon 2018, his pieces were just as stunning as how birds elegantly glide their wings conquering the heavens.

As Cary has been synonymous with intricate cutwork, complicated fabric manipulation, and sculptural garments, his ternos was nothing short of manifesting such brilliant couture techniques. From the moment his first piece appeared the runway featuring two blue macaws on each shoulder, to the last look where a bird wrapped around the dress spreads its wings forming a magnificent feminine silhouette, he took fabric manipulation to a new degree of technical difficulty with the creation of sculptural fauna and origami.

Scroll down below to see Cary Santiago’s full collection at the TernoCon 2018:


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