A Heavenly Encounter: All the Radiance-Inspired Moments at Y.O.U Beauty’s Newest Skincare Launch

A Heavenly Encounter: All the Radiance-Inspired Moments at Y.O.U Beauty’s Newest Skincare Launch


Celebrating glow with the radiance of heaven, Y.O.U Beauty just launched their newest skincare line and radiant muse for Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum

Being comfortable in your skin radiates confidence—the power to put more of yourself in the sun’s glow. To make that happen, it’s vital to take a few moments and check what your skin needs: skincare that protects and repairs. In the beauty scene, Y.O.U Beauty stands out in providing just that with their newest Radiance Glow series, a tailor-fit Southeast Asian skincare routine for healthy glass skin.

In nurturing what is meant to bloom within you, Y.O.U. Beauty, in partnership with MEGA Style, held an afternoon of divine delights last October 25 at Grandeza Events Space, San Juan City. 

Bloom from within

YOU Beauty radiance glow series
The Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Series formulated with Mizu Glow Technology

With snow-white flowers filling every corner and Corinthian columns draped in white fabrics, the event bathed in the radiance of celestial sphere. At both sides of the set, product glorifiers showcased the Radiance Glow series: Radiance Glow Purifying Facial Foam, Radiance Glow Toner Essence, Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum, Radiance Glow Advanced Day Cream, and Radiance Glow Active Night Gel.

Singer-songwriter and music producer Dia Maté
Singer-songwriter and music producer Dia Maté spotted at the Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Series launch

Content creators and influencers like Killa Kush, Nick De Ocampo, Cess Tan, Milky O, and Francine Chua came to get a closer look at the new series, but not without showing off their most stylish all-white fit, from blazers and cropped tops to skirts and floral dresses.

True to their celestial fashion, these personalities flaunted their ethereal glow in the immersive 360-cam vignette full of hanging flowers, perfect for all their fit check, effortless chic poses, and beauty snaps.

Guests also enjoyed flavorful treats of sliders, skewers, and wraps to keep the high spirits flowing. An open bar was flowing with drinks inspired by the new skincare line: Tequila Sunrise Glow, Illuminating Margarita, Radiance Lemonade, and the well-loved Sakura Lychee.

Let your light shine

The 5-step Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Skincare
The 5-step Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Skin Care (L-R): Illuminating Serum, Toner Essence, Purifying Facial Foam, Advanced Day Cream, and Active Night Gel

Host and beauty queen Joy Barcoma welcomed everyone to a radiant afternoon. “What truly makes Y.O.U Beauty special is how they understand the uniqueness of different Southeast Asian skin types and how the climate, especially the humidity here in the Philippines, affects all the products we apply on our skin,” she said.

Catching everyone’s attention, the host inspired curiosity. “But that’s all I’m giving!” she teased before turning over the floor to One Mega Group’s Head of Publishing and Marketing, Ms. Janine Recto, who expressed her gratitude to the audience on behalf of MEGA Style.

“Y.O.U Beauty has been a valued partner and constant collaborator, and we at MEGA Style are thankful and proud to be part of this. As we immerse ourselves more intimately in our surroundings, we discover how our beauty unfolds as we let our light shine,” Ms. Recto remarked.

Miss World Philippines 2021 "Beauty With A Purpose" Awardee Joy Barcoma and Y.O.U Beauty Product Manager Jennika Casin
Miss World Philippines 2021 “Beauty With A Purpose” Awardee Joy Barcoma (left) and Y.O.U Beauty Product Manager Jennika Casin (right)

To share more about the skincare line in a series of beauty talks, Y.O.U Beauty’s Product Manager Jennika Casin talked about how the Radiance Glow came to be. “As an international brand, we researched extensively to know what the market needs. This skincare line is meant to target three main concerns of Southeast Asian skin: to fight dullness, to help prevent excess oil and acne, and lastly, to help prevent skin irritation,” Ms. Casin imparted.

She took the audience to Japan’s cherry blossoms, where the brand collaborated with Mr. Tadahiro Shimada, a Japanese cosmetic research and development expert, to develop the Radiance Glow. Formulated with a new brightening solution, you are one skincare ritual away from achieving that glass skin dream.

Ms. Casin also mentioned, “We curated a special formula using Sakura extract, which boosts the skin’s radiance without irritating it.”

The Radiant Muse

Rhian Ramos ambassador skincare
Celebrity, model, and race car driver Rhian Ramos as Y.O.U
Beauty Philippines’ Radiance Glow Illumating Serum

Truly embodying everything that Y.O.U Beauty stands for with confidence, grace, and timeless beauty, the host officially welcomed the first local ambassador of Y.O.U Beauty’s Radiance Glow Illuminating serum, Rhian Ramos.

“I feel very special to be chosen,” the actress said in her bejeweled white slit mermaid dress. “I am such an advocate for taking care of my skin now. It’s really about having a body and a skin that works for you and your lifestyle, bringing you confidence.”

When she was younger, Rhian wanted to look like everybody else, but she eventually learned to embrace her own beauty. “It’s pretty much accepting the parts of myself that maybe I grew up not liking and now like. Taking care of me always makes me feel beautiful,” she shared with MEGA Style.

Rhian Ramos taking that step to achieve the Southeast Asian glass skin with Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum

Rhian has constantly reinvented herself through many career paths, from singing and acting to hosting and modeling. Still, she’s remained true to herself, presenting as a muse that glows no matter the day.

But the Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum ambassador wasn’t the only radiant face for that day. The afternoon’s Most Radiant Man and Woman distinctions were awarded to influencer and artists Killa Kush and Nick De Ocampo. They exuded confidence, happiness, and comfort in their skin with stylish, bright pieces.

Feel the glow from within and let your light shine. It’s about time you show the world just how divine you can be when you embrace love and self-care.

Glow with confidence by visiting Y.O.U Beauty’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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