All The Times Angel Locsin Proves She’s Still Our Modern-Day Darna

All The Times Angel Locsin Proves She’s Still Our Modern-Day Darna


From showing us how to be a modern-day Darna to being a patron saint of repentance, Angel Locsin proves she truly lives up to her immaculate name.

It should be of absolutely no surprise by now that Angel Locsin is doing so much to help her fellowmen, most especially when havoc strikes. The actress and effacing philanthropist has consistently been doing relief operations for countless people affected by terrible disasters in our country—from siege aftermaths, volcanic eruptions, and now a global pandemic.

While she would typically downplay and shy away from being lauded for her own efforts, it’s just fitting for Forbes Asia to hail her as one of its “Heroes of Philanthropy” in 2019. After all, according to Forbes, she has already donated as much as P15 million to various causes over the past decade—and she tirelessly continues with her efforts to this day.

Angel Locsin donates
Photo from Rural Missionaries of the Philippines

In fact, what some might not know or forgotten, she joined the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines back in 2017 when the battle between the military and Islamist rebels in Marawi broke. She personally donated and distributed food packets and school supplies to tens of thousands of displaced victims—no fanfare, no fuss, just a pure-hearted effort to help those in dire need.

When an earthquake struck Mindanao in October of 2019, she flew to Davao City and bought relief goods for the victims. But what caught the attention of the crowd was her real intention of serving her fellow Filipinos.

While she donated P1 million and distributed truckloads of relief supplies, it was pretty evident that she wasn’t looking forward to any media coverage regarding her charitable efforts. It was only because of a fan who saw her at a grocery in Davao City and tweeted it that immediately fired up social media.

And a month before that, instead of spending money on her dress in the annual ABS-CBN Ball, she directly donated the money to the corporation’s Bantay Bata Foundation. “I decided to do my share in a way that I could probably be more of use,” she wrote in her Instagram post. “It would be better for me to donate directly to Bantay Bata the amount that I’m supposed to spend in the ball.”

Angel Locsin donates
Photo from @therealangellocsin on Instagram

In February 2020 when the Taal Volcano erupted, leaving thousands of Filipinos displaced, Angel didn’t hesitate to push for her relief operations once again. On her Instagram post, the actress said they were able to help a total of four evacuation centers.

Through this magnanimous effort, they donated 3126 food packs, 1760 hygiene kits, 200 towels, 100 blankets, water bottles, and multiple boxes of medical needs and face masks, as well as a few boxes of baby needs. “Sa mga kusang nagbigay po ng donasyong goods and cash, maraming salamat po,” she added.

In The Midst Of A Global Pandemic

Now, as we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed thousands of lives already, she’s back at it again. After she and her fiancé, Niel Arce, asked and donated folding beds and pillows, her team set up sleeping quarters for our front-liners fighting against coronavirus.

Angel Locsin donates
Photo from @therealangellocsin on Instagram

Apart from that, she has also started a crowdfunding campaign called “#UniTENTweStandPH,” which was intended to help set up additional tents to accommodate more patients who need immediate treatments while also prioritizing the safety of our health workers.

“I have avoided asking for financial donations, but for now, it is best that we gather more resources and funding to be able to widen the reach, service, and sustainability of this project,” Angel disclosed in the description of her GoGetFunding post.

Angel Locsin donates
Photo from @coastguardph on Twitter

Now, while we can’t deny the tremendous amount of Angel Locsin’s charitable efforts—especially now more than ever—it’s not just her donations why we’re madly in love with our modern-day Darna. That’s because she was only one amongst a few personalities who spoke about the real struggle of the daily wage earners.

At the onset of the community quarantine, she shared her own thoughts via Instagram.Sa gitna po ng paglaganap ng COVID-19, walang sinoman na nasa matinong pag-iisip ang magnanais na lumabas,” she explained. “Alam natin na importante ang social distancing at proper hygiene, pero hindi po ito sasapat kung may mga kababayan tayo na kelangang maghanapbuhay bawat-araw para makakain at matustusan ang mga basic needs ng pamilya gaya ng pambayad sa renta, kuryente, tubig, at iba pa,” she added.

Angel Locsin donates
Photo from @coastguardph on Twitter

But she didn’t stop there, proving it wasn’t just a mere rant. She thought of possible solutions that the government and private sectors may adopt only if they want to. This includes a temporary stop on amortizations and loans, if not the removal of interest and penalties.

She also suggested that utility companies should give consideration to the masses. Then private companies who helped their respective employees would be given a tax break. Finally, Philhealth shall shoulder the treatment for those who have COVID-19, which thankfully, the government has already implemented.


In most recent news, when the Makati Medical City released a statement denouncing the reckless act of Senator Koko Pimentel violating his self-quarantine protocol, Angel simply called out the help of influencer and entrepreneur Cat Arambulo, who received backlash after calling daily wage earners to stay at home. Come to think of it, this was the right scenario that Cat should be complaining about.

Last, but definitely not the least, she proved to us and the rest of the riled up Filipino nation that even if we see her as our modern-day superhero, she’s relatable. In fact, she also has regrets like any of us ordinary people. Following her comment regarding Senator Pimentel, a netizen replied with a photo of her campaigning the senator.

However, instead of denying it, the actress just replied, “eww.” When asked if she regrets it, Angel replied in a series of tweets, “Yes. Super. Mortal sin. Patawarin niyo po ako bilang ex-husband po siya ng pinsan ko. Naka-ilang eleksyon na rin naman pong hindi naulit.”

Now, folks, that’s a role-model who really knows how to be accountable with her own actions. This was only one example amongst many that she shows us to let life’s experiences teach us from our past mistakes.

And from there on, grow and mature, eventually opening our eyes to the injustices of the society, ignorance of the privileged, and make do of what an individual can do to be of service to others. Because, in the long run, that’s how we can only progress towards a better future after this global crisis.

As the country and the rest of the world continues to brave the alarming swell of Covid-19, let all of Angel’s efforts—from the past to present—serve as an inspiration to anyone reading this to help each other and support our dear front-liners. Echoing what she said before, “let’s help them save lives.”

Looking for a way to donate and help with the COVID-19 pandemic? Click here to learn more about the organizations that are asking for your assistance now.

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