Anne Curtis Finishes Third Marathon in Her Fastest Time Yet

Anne Curtis Finishes Third Marathon in Her Fastest Time Yet


The actress, model, and host finishes her third world marathon in her fastest time yet—and all for a good cause

On March 5, Anne Curtis ran and completed the famed Tokyo Marathon. This is her third time running an Abbott World Marathon Major and the third time she’s made UNICEF Philippines a beneficiary of her run. While all three of her marathons were dedicated to Filipino youth, this time around, she’s focusing on child victims of violence, abuse, and exploitation.

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Anne Curtis showing her Tokyo Marathon 2023 medal

Finishing this 42-kilometer course brings her closer to the Six Star Medal, but her recent Instagram post emphasizes that this is not all that motivates her. “Every single kilometre was worth it, knowing I was running to help Filipino children heal and recover through the funds WE (yes, this includes every single one of you that donated) raised together. Being a mother, now as well, I couldn’t help but get emotional when I crossed that finish line. It just hit a little differently this time around. Running with a purpose bigger than just receiving a medal kept me fueled,” she wrote.

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Anne’s Takbo Para Sa Bata fundraiser has already garnered PHP 725,144 in total donations. With 31 days left to donate, hitting the one million peso goal seems possible. 

Record of Tokyo Marathon of Anne Curtis

It’s worth noting that Anne finished the 42-kilometer Tokyo Marathon in just four hours and 50 minutes with only eight weeks of training beforehand. According to the official results, this places Anne at 23,081 overall and ranks her 52 over 112 Filipino finishers. This is also her first full marathon since running the London Marathon in 2018 and since having Dahlia in 2020.

Despite the hiatus and short training time, her net time at the Tokyo Marathon is her fastest one yet as she finished the New York City Marathon in 2016 in four hours and 56 minutes. Meanwhile, she completed the London Marathon in 2018 in five hours and 12 minutes.

Outfit worn by Anne Curtis during Tokyo Marathon 2023

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On race day, Anne wore a turquoise running fleece to represent UNICEF Philippines, as well as On’s Cloudmonster in the colors fawn and turmeric.

Photos from ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)

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