Anthony Ramirez Creates A Glamorous “Maria Makiling” Inspired Collection

Anthony Ramirez Creates A Glamorous “Maria Makiling” Inspired Collection


Once upon at a time, Anthony Ramirez manifested the fashion dream. Now, he’s creating it for real.

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The creative process has always been ignited by a single vision. It then manifests itself into reality when the creative filters their actions and hone in on that single dream. For Anthony Ramirez, the vision started when he started consuming media that was related to the power of dressing. “My introduction to the world of fashion was when I saw Jennifer Lopez in the now iconic VMA Versace dress. It was a moment I’ll never forget,” Ramirez shares. From then on his focus was to pursue his dream to become a fashion designer, even putting it out to the universe via his high school yearbook.

His first foray into the world of fashion further confirmed his love for the industry. “My first boss was Angelo Estera. The first time I entered his office I heard the manangs arguing about which color of beads to put on a specific gown for a client. My mind went into a frenzy and imagined what each gown will look like depending on the fabrications applied to it. I knew from then [on] that I wanted to design all the time” he narrates. His experience working for a seasoned designer has taught him so much and influenced his design process when he started his own design company. Getting to know the client’s personality is the foundation of an Anthony Ramirez design. He then lays out fabrics and trimmings that are compatible with the woman he is designing for. It’s only after sourcing the fabric that he starts to imagine and put into paper the final sketch for his designs.

For his latest collection his muse is a woman from Philippine folklore—Maria Makiling. It was in this legendary diwata’s fantastical lore and connection to nature where Anthony Ramirez found his main inspiration. “Just imagining her on top of Mt. Makiling finding peace in her enchanted home was an inspiration I translated into this collection,” he shares. The results speak for themselves as each piece had specific details that Anthony Ramirez is known for, like delicate draping and amazing fit. But it seems like Ramirez experienced an evolution in his style as new concepts joined the Anthony Ramirez design aesthetic. Delicate pleats now adorn bodices, while micro beads shimmer under the light with his goddess- inspired Grecian designs.

The Anthony Ramirez name is known to adorn only the biggest of stars, but in his collection he was able to reach higher, finding inspiring women in a new dimension. Despite this he remains grounded, knowing that his designs are still for real women. For Ramirez, the woman’s satisfaction is the number one priority.

“I design to make pieces that raise the Anthony Ramirez woman’s confidence.”

And with this new and improved aesthetic, every woman is sure to find these and more when they wear Ramirez’s new designs.

This Designer Profile on Anthony Ramirez is also seen in MEGA’s December 2021 issue now available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader and Zinio.

Photography DOOKIE DUCAY
Art direction JANN PASCUA

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