This Gastropub Can Take You Around The World With Their Savoury New Dishes

This Gastropub Can Take You Around The World With Their Savoury New Dishes


Go around the world with the new dishes served at Savour Draft!
It only takes one night, the perfect glass of beer, and good food to take a trip around the world. Let Savour Draft take you on the ultimate dining experience. You’ll get not only bursting flavor from each dish but the perfect beer type to go with each.
Read on to know more about this “around the world” gastronomical adventure.


Sisig Pizza (P320)

Give your taste palette a burst of local flavors with their homemade Sisig Pizza. The green chili relish gives just enough spice, well complemented by the aioli on top. But what’s a sisig without an egg on top? The dish comes with a softboiled egg on top that bursts at the slice. Stella Artois is just the right beer to pair it with.
Chicken Cracklings (P195)

You won’t get enough of the Chicken Cracklings perfectly paired with your beer of choice. Dive in a platter of crispy chicken skin served with homemade pinakurat with coffee-togarashi spice for seasoning. Try it with a glass of Little Creatures Bright Ale!
Laksa Mussel Pots (P780)

Head down south to our neighboring country, Malaysia, with the Laksa Mussel Pot. Get a half-kilo serving of mussels cooked in Malaysian red coconut curry, served with frites, sourdough, and aioli. Trust us, Paulaner Naturtrub is this dish’s best friend.
Gangnam Beef Stew (P580)

Complete your gastro-experience with South Korea’s best: Gangnam Beef Stew. Braised for three hours, this scrumptious beef stew gives off just a hint of spice that won’t overpower your palette. You’ll never go wrong with Leffe Brune to go with it.


Fish and Chips (P340)

Known for their European dishes, Draft kept best-selling classics in their menu. One of them is their Fish and Chips. Taste Beck’s Beer Battered white fish fillet served with tartar sauce with fresh salad and frites on the side.
Paella Fiesta (P580)

Get the best of Spain with Savour Draft’s Paella Fiesta. Complete with saffron, tomato, chicken, crispy pork belly, chorizo, shrimp, mussels, white clams, and calamari, this dish is the perfect partner of your Hoegaarden Weissbier.
Tiramisu (P250)

Go Italian for your dessert with a generous serving of Tiramisu perfect for sharing. Oh, and did we mention that it has 70% dark chocolate from Davao? Grab a glass Leffe Brune while you fall in its right amount of sweetness.

South Africa

Peri Peri Chicken (P380)

Love your Paulaner Hefe Dunkel? Here’s what goes best with it: Peri Peri Chicken. Experience South African spicy flame-grilled chicken finished with spicy tangy peri peri relish, complete steamed rice topped with buttered fine beans.


Truffled Bacon Mac and Cheese (P395)

Final stop: America. If you’re the Paulaner Muchner Hell type of person, it’s time for you to try their Truffle Bacon Mac and Cheese. Rich with mozzarella, cheddar, and Grana Padano cheese, the truffle cream amps up the baked macaroni and double smoked bacon.
Dark Chocolate Mud Cake (P290)

Sweet tooths would never get enough of the Dark Chocolate Mud Cake. Enriched with Davao 70% dark chocolate and a vanilla ice cream on top, this dessert is just the right pair for a glass of Murphy’s Irish Stout.

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