Avignon Clinic Rises As The Champion Of Timeless Beauty

Avignon Clinic Rises As The Champion Of Timeless Beauty


As it’s been doing since day one, Avignon Clinic is putting the spotlight on the essence of beauty, the one that never fades.

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With just two years in the industry, the Avignon Clinic has risen as a top-tier aesthetic clinic that treats beauty beyond the superficial. Christopher Cachuela, CEO and Founder of Avignon Clinic, shares that their steadfast climb to the top of the aesthetics industry is because their main mission is to use beauty as a means to success.

“You go on a beauty journey because it’s great for your wellbeing. It makes you happy and it makes you confident. It makes you ready to take on the world, empowers you, and enables you to make it.”

Christopher Cachuela, CEO and Founder of Avignon Clinic


With his experience spanning over many years in the dermatology and aesthetics industry, Cachuela noticed two major gaps present in the Philippines: pricing and accessibility. The expansive growth of beauty into a multibillion industry also brought a misconception that beauty is limited and carries an exorbitant price tag­—an idea that Cachuela strongly begs to differ. “Luxury is about the experience. It’s really more about how they feel and how you make them [the clients] feel.

It’s the instant connection or affiliation the moment they step into the clinic, what appeals to their senses as they lay down on the bed and start the treatment, and what emotions they bring home after the journey.” Paying attention to the smallest of details, at Avignon it’s all about giving its clients a beauty retreat in the most inclusive and accessible manner. “This is how we define luxury, not through the slabs of Carrara marble or designer furniture,” he says.


Avignon’s broader view of the skin’s unique needs comes far from the industry’s traditionally narrow view about skin types. They expand the conversation to ensure all concerns, from young to mature skin, are targeted with the appropriate solutions. One common concern that Avignon Clinic puts a new perspective on is positive pro-aging. Aging is an inevitable phenomenon and as our bodies experience life, it will leave little reminders that are nothing to be ashamed of.

“Embrace aging gracefully. Wrinkles and lines will appear, our body will change its shape and even our outlook in life will mature. And that is not a sad story. It’s a natural process,” Cachuela says. Unlike the past approach of the beauty industry treating aging as something to fear, with the help of modern aesthetic clinics like Avignon and their gold-standard treatments such as Thermage FLX and Clear + Brilliant, there’s no need to look for a time machine to look effortlessly beautiful at any age. “As what we always say in Avignon, you have the power to not let go of your beauty and we can help you with that,” he smiles proudly.


Passionate and determined, the journey of Avignon is unique, and no other aesthetic clinic has reached this scale at the pace they did. “As a data-driven clinic, we gather insights from clients on how we can improve our services, which one worked, and which one didn’t,” Cachuela shares.

The leadership present in the team of Avignon is also adept at the latest technologies, even succeeding in fusing medical, beauty, and technology in the most creative of ways. “We feel that this technological change is critical for our success and will define Avignon as the most advanced and tech-driven clinic in the country.”

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