Beauty Queen Secrets: The Greatest Investment a Woman Can Make

Beauty Queen Secrets: The Greatest Investment a Woman Can Make


Our beauty queens reveal the secret to a timeless appeal and it involves investing in oneself.

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A day of glamour, beauty and—of course—safety, during the cover shoot of our Beauty Insider with Avignon Clinic, we got the chance to talk about all things beauty with our beloved beauty queens. However, not for vanity’s sake but how it will always be a part of our lives: a community, an experience and as way of life.


Executive Director for the Council for the Welfare of Children and former Ms. Caloocan, Mitch Cajayon-Uy shares how beauty is political and ultimately gives power to women and even children. “The reason why I maintain my beauty is because that’s the first impression that you give to people,” she says. Being a woman in the public eye is not an easy job, and for women in politics, speaking up on the importance of beauty opens one up to criticism. But Cajayon-Uy is unafraid to speak out because, in her experience, the beauty that radiates from within is as valuable as the public service. “We have to admit that in the Philippines, beauty plays a very important role, especially in politics. If you look just like one of the actors and actresses, even though you are not [one], there comes this sense of idealism.” People take notice of her and she uses this as her advantage to come forward with her work.

Former Bb. Pilipinas Universe winner Nina Ricci Alagao-Flores also agrees on a holistic beauty approach especially living in a physical world. “People appreciate the beauty that they see. We love beautiful things, and we can dispute that. That’s why in a way beauty is tantamount to success. If you are able to maintain your beauty throughout time, then that is in a way a measure of success,” she says.  


Living a time where the difference between a want and a need is prioritized, beauty queens Bella Ysmael and Nicole Cordoves both believe that investing in oneself is the greatest investment anyone could ever make. “This is your body for the rest of your life. You invest in yourself not only to prepare for the future, but also because of what is happening now that you have to take care of yourself mentally and physically,” Ysmael shares.

“One day you’ll just wake up and say hey everything I worked for is already here,” Cordoves adds. And with the extra help of Avignon, attaining a beauty lifestyle that inspires and works for oneself is not out of reach.

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