Safe, Sound, and Secure: Mixing Safety with Luxury

Safe, Sound, and Secure: Mixing Safety with Luxury


Avignon Clinic’s newest branch promotes safety and wellness amid the pandemic

Luxury is often deemed as living extravagantly. This could mean residing in a massive home while owning lavish items that not everyone has. But apart from one’s pricey belongings, luxury can also pertain to experiences that very few places can provide. One of these luxurious experiences could be undergoing self-care treatments at high-end beauty and aesthetic centers such as Avignon Clinic.

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated between the walls of this dashing and sophisticated clinic

Living up to its name as a city in the south of France, Avignon Clinic’s newly-opened Quezon City branch is designed with elegant, French minimalist interiors with a five-star hotel-like ambiance, ensuring its patients a calm and refined environment. The private rooms are furnished with wide beds and premium linens for added relaxation throughout every session.

State-of-the-art treatments that are too enticing to turn down

With the new clinic located at the other end of the metro, Avignon’s loyal customers don’t need to travel a little down south just to experience its most popular treatments. For slimming and contouring, the flagship clinic offers services like Ulthera® Ultimate Lift and Emsculpt. Ulthera® Ultimate Lift, which is from Ultherapy® by Merz Aesthetics®, targets and firms sagging skin. This U.S. FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure lifts your skin for a more defined jawline and a contoured face, giving Avignon’s patients more angles to be proud of. Meanwhile, the Emsculpt is a half-hour procedure that helps build the muscle where each session is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups for the abs or gluteal lunges for the buns.

Julia Montes, Avignon Clinic’s newest endorser, enjoys the Ulthera® Ultimate Lift

For those who are struggling with pimple and acne scars, the Clear Acne and Scar Treatment (CAST) is a combination treatment that can be customized to meet every patient’s needs. This often includes Clear + Brilliant laser for pores and lines. Another one of their popular treatments that can be availed is the Avignon Acupulse Fractional Laser. This offers an exciting panacea to skin problems such as deep rolling acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and warts, which are all thought to be untreatable.

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Their loyal clients can also experience the signature skin facial, Avignon Skin Reset, at the new flagship clinic. This facial helps the skin recover its elasticity and natural hydration by infusing stem cell extract and accelerating collagen production and targeting cell regeneration.

Lastly, Avignon offers filler treatments as well as it is considered a go-to clinic for that type of procedure. In fact, they were recently awarded the 3-Star Hyaluronic Acid Award in the Merz Tala Awards. This simply proves that Avignon is one of the top providers of hyaluronic acid fillers in the country.

Adding safety to self-care

Taking into account the new normal everyone is adjusting to, Avignon Clinic implemented safety protocols for their clients and staff. They are able to limit the number of people entering each day by pre-screening their clients via phone call. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is also provided not just to the staff but to the clients as well. The Avignon PPE was even specially designed by established fashion designer Rajo Laurel, with the health and safety guidelines of the government carefully considered.

Apart from the mandatory safety measures like thermal scans, Avignon is going above and beyond with their extra hygiene measures. Each suite has UVC sterilizers, German-made Luftonic air purifiers with HEPA filters, and negative exhaust ventilation and laser vacuum.

To find out more about Avignon Clinic and its top-of-the-line services and treatments, visit their website or follow their official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. You also may give their Quezon City branch (0917 656 6988 or 8842 8290) or Bonifacio Global City branch (0917 636 8732 or  8291 5187) a call to talk to their qualified doctors.

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