Beabi Collaborates With World-Class Artist Manuel Baldemor For Their Limited Edition Bags

Beabi Collaborates With World-Class Artist Manuel Baldemor For Their Limited Edition Bags


In beabi’s 10th year, they partnered with world-renowned Filipino artist, Manuel Baldemor for MBaldemor x beabi Limited Edition Floral Symphony Collection.

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For the modern Filipino traveler, beabi is the go-to one-stop local lifestyle store for multi-functional and storage accessories, statement totes, and customized bags. Collaborating with a world-class talent, beabi released limited edition printed bags and pouches with rarely publicized floral paintings by Manuel Baldemor. When the collection unveiled at the Ronac Art Center, beabi showcased how Baldemor diverts from geometric forms to floral scenes for MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection.

“Flowers, for me, are universal, a symbol of peace, love, and have unspoken language of diplomacy,” shares Manuel Baldemor. When we asked him to name the flowers he often uses for his paintings, it came to our surprise that those where his self-made depictions. “As long as I get the essence of the subject, I create my own flowers, then it becomes a signature,” shares Baldemor. “A lot of artists do flowers, as well, but mine has an identity.” 

For the painter, sculptor, printmaker, writer, and book illustrator, who has roamed countless countries and claimed art residencies through exhibitions, he always promotes the Philippines with his artworks. As someone who used to have a column in the Manila Times, Baldemor also shares with MEGA how his discipline in painting came from his experience in publication. 

“I observe, absorb, and record in my own visual language,” shares Baldemor. From being a folk artist in his hometown at an early age of 8, painting flowers in paper mache horses, flowers were always in full bloom ahead of him. He then explores international flower exhibits here and abroad—Winter Garden, Helsinki, and Copenhagen to name a few.

In beabi’s hopes to bring Baldemor’s art to a wider audience, Mbaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection doesn’t require one to spend a fortune to take home a piece or two of his art. Consisting of three designs: Flowers Are A Joy Forever, Flowers Speak From The Heart, and Amazing Grace, the MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection is only available until stocks last.

MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection is available on all beabi stores nationwide and online at For more information on beabi, you can check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts @ilovebeabi

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