Heart Evangelista Turns Her Prized Paintings Into Jewelry In This Latest Collab

Heart Evangelista Turns Her Prized Paintings Into Jewelry In This Latest Collab


Looks like 2019 is definitely Heart Evangelista’s year, as she’s teeming with countless projects and collaborations—from beauty, clothing, and now, jewelry.

If you thought that Heart Evangelista will be taking a break after her successful jewelry collaboration with French label Gas Bijoux, you’re wrong. This time around, she decorates her proverbial crown with yet another milestone of a capsule, working hand-in-hand with Royal Gem.

The actress, host, and aforementioned real-life crazy rich Asian is known for her love of jewelry. Wherever she may go, you’ll notice that she always wear accessories—whether it may be her gold necklace, diamond rings, or stack of J’Adior woven bracelets. And now, it only seems she’s adding more jewelry options. For her latest collaboration with Royal Gem, she’s marrying two of her life’s loves, painting and accessories, into wearable art.

Christened as “Royal Gem x Love Marie Jewelry Collection: The Modern Muse,” the collection features an intricate expression of the complex but beautiful roles that a woman plays in today’s world. Inspired by the different facets of the modern woman, her 2018 In Full Bloom collection is fully expressed and realized in the range.

“This is my most personal collaboration with Royal Gem thus far since I’m featuring my actual works of art,” Heart says. “I’ve had my artwork on clothing, lipsticks, and bags but never on jewelry—and you all know how much I love jewelry.” 

So, for the Modern Muse collection, she created two selections: Cameo and Italian Gold. The Cameo pendants feature her paintings on carefully selected hand-carved Queen Helmet conch shell, while Italian Gold, on the other hand, highlights artworks set on fine enamel jewelry, outlined with what else, Italian gold.

But what we really love about this collection is the versatility. Pendants from the collection can be used in bracelets or necklaces, and can be worn as is or layered together. In fact, Heart believes there’s no particular way to style jewelry, as long as you feel good wearing it. “I personally love to layer two or three at a time—no matter how big or small the pendant and chain. As long as the chains fall at different lengths, they’d look really good. Overall, you just have to have fun with it!” she enthuses.

How did the collaboration came about? It was all because of Royal Gem’s General Manager Merrill Gaisano-Gothong, who went to Heart’s exhibit opening in 2018. She said that our favorite style star’s aesthetic—vibrant in color, theme, and spirit—perfectly encapsulates the inherent style of Royal Gem.

According to our favorite style star, “what I love most about this collection is that we can all have different interpretations of the paintings and relate to them in our own ways, which makes it all the more sentimental and meaningful.” Now, if owning an original Love Marie canvas may be out of your reach, for now, then this is the next best thing, as if carrying a piece of Heart wherever you go.

Swipe below to see the full jewelry collection of Royal Gem x Love Marie.

What are you waiting for? The limited edition 2019 Royal Gem x Love Marie Jewelry Collection: The Modern Muse is now available on www.royalgemjewelry.com and in select Royal Gem stores.

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