Beatrice Luigi Gomez Is The Crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Beatrice Luigi Gomez Is The Crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021


This year’s Miss Universe Philippines may have been one of the toughest seasons, but Beatrice Luigi Gomez rose above it all. Congratulations to our new Queen!

This year’s Miss Universe Philippines encountered a lot of challenges given the difficult circumstances that the pandemic had brought upon. But just like the pageant itself the candidates proved that they are just as tough and, even better, ready to face the the universe head on.

Tonight, September 30th, Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City, not only bagged Miss Cream Silk and Best in Evening Gown awards, but she was also the crowned as the new Miss Universe Philippines 2021. Now, as she’s embarking on a new journey as the symbol of hope, the flag bearer of the country to the Miss Universe competition in Israel this December 2021. Curious to know more about her? Here are 5 things to know about our reigning queen.

A heart for the innocent ones

She is raising awareness and is an active advocate for children affected by the armed conflict in Negros. She says that while children aren’t given much of choice, she believes that we can do much to give them a better future. 

Navy Reservist

This woman has a heart for service and is the embodiment of strength as she is a proud Philippine Navy Marine Reservist.

A member of LGBTQ+

She’s in a loving relationship with her girlfriend of six years, Kate Jagdon.

Natural adventurer

Our reigning Miss Universe Philippines has a heart for activities that are, well, not for the faint at heart. She enjoys daring hobbies like discovery diving. For her, discovery diving is not only a sightseeing activity, but a learning opportunity to appreciate our environment as well.

A cat lady

She may look strong and fierce on the outside, but she has a soft spot for delicate creatures like cats.

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