Sam Milby and JC de Vera On Beauty Inclusivity

Sam Milby and JC de Vera On Beauty Inclusivity


Two of the industry’s top leading men, Sam Milby and JC de Vera are helping dispel the myth on masculinity and beauty.

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In a world full of trends, Avignon Clinic remains to be a timeless example of realistic beauty that women and men, young and mature, can ultimately identify with. And during our Beauty Insider shoot, Sam Milby and JC de Vera were confident in saying that similar to many, beauty brings them confidence.


An empowered testament came from Sam Milby who admits that he wasn’t one to take care of his skin but with age comes wisdom alongside a few wrinkles and metabolism changes. He thanks the clinic for helping him realize that, similar to wearing a classic tux, investing in one’s looks is worth it. “It’s for you. Your older self will thank your younger self for all the precautions that you did. It’s a different feeling when you’re confident in your own skin and how you look,” Milby says.

Comparing it to the reason why men go to gym to look good, he shares that it’s the same concept when it comes to skincare. “We want to look good, just like everyone and it shouldn’t be bad. There’s more acceptance and choices now for everyone.”


“Being beautiful is really easy with the treatments that we have right now,” JC De Vera shares. We learned that the actor and father is a skincare enthusiast himself with a full-pledged routine and even loves a good face mask before going to bed. “With the technology available now you don’t have to go under the knife just to have the treatments. It secures our future because there’s no downtime. It’s quick, non-invasive, easy, and affordable,” he says. 

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