Beyoncé Sends a Gift to Filipino 2-Year-Old Tyler After a Viral TikTok Video

Beyoncé Sends a Gift to Filipino 2-Year-Old Tyler After a Viral TikTok Video


Music sensation Beyoncé, or “Queen B” as she’s called, sends a gift to Bea Fabregas Romos’ son after her TikTok video goes viral

Never underestimate the power of the internet. After Bea Fabregas-Ramos, Filipina host, radio DJ, and influencer posted a viral video of her son talking about Beyoncé, the global superstar sent him flowers, a toy, and a sweet note!

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Tyler, who may be the youngest member of the BeyHive, poses with gifts from global sensation Beyoncé

“Where’s Beyoncé?” the two-year-old asks. “Can I visit Beyoncé?” It appears that the little one already loves the global superstar’s songs—an influence surely of his family’s musical taste. When Bea answers with, “She’s not Mama’s friend,” Tyler responds, confidently, with, “She’s our friend. Beyoncé is my friend.” 


Tyler this whole video: Hina naman ni mama hindi kilala si Beyonce 🤨 #fyp #momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – beafabregas – beafabregas

And just last night, Bea posted an update on Instagram, saying, “For the record @beyonce and Tyler are now actually, officially friends!” The star sent over her favorite blue flowers, a new dinosaur plushie, and a sweet note addressed with, “To my friend, Tyler,” and a message: “I see your halo, Tyler.”

Tyler receives blue flowers from the star herself

When her publicist personally reached out to Bea, she said, “Beyoncé loved the video.”

While Tyler may be too young to understand the gravity of the situation, this will always serve as a reminder to Bea to always teach him to dream big and reach for the stars as anything is possible—including having Beyoncé send you a gift.

Photos and Featured Image: BEA FABREGAS (Via Instagram)

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