Bretman Rock is the Face of Beyoncé’s Newly Launched Haircare Brand

Bretman Rock is the Face of Beyoncé’s Newly Launched Haircare Brand


Beyoncé is making her mark in the beauty industry again with the launch of her haircare line, Cécred, with Filipino-American beauty influencer and YouTuber Bretman Rock as its ambassador

Earlier this month, Beyoncé launched her latest venture into the world of beauty with a line of products designed to cater to the demands of textured hair. Cécred, which includes everything from hydrating shampoos and conditioners to nourishing hair oils, embodies Beyoncé’s goal of fusing traditional knowledge with modern technology to provide hair rituals that have the power to transform.

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Bretman Rock has recently been highlighting his long mane online

Hair is sacred: this is Beyoncé’s vision for her brand. On the website, the global icon shares that building Cécred began with a lifelong dream of developing products that reflect her heritage and honor the diverse needs of textured hair. Her experience with sweeping hair from her mother’s salon shaped this vision and ultimately its mission: to empower individuals to prioritize self-care. Bretman Rock, its latest ambassador, embraces this.

Known for his charisma and unapologetic self-expression, the influencer took to Instagram to pen a message of gratitude to Beyoncé. He also reflected on the personal significance of his hair and linked it to the memory of his late father.

Bretman Rock shows off luscious hair in celebration of his partnership with Beyoncé’s Cécred

Beyoncé’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is reflected in Bretman as a brand ambassador. With his authentic personality and cultural influence, he is the ideal embodiment of the brand’s philosophy of self-expression and empowerment. This collaboration, and for Bretman, being part of Cécred, may pave the way for greater representation and celebration of diverse voices in the beauty industry.

Photos and Featured Image: BRETMAN ROCK (via Instagram)

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