Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music Honors Filipina Excellence and Artistry

Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music Honors Filipina Excellence and Artistry


Billboard Philippines celebrates Women in Music and their remarkable influence on the local music scene. Here are the awardees.

Historically, Philippine music has birthed its share of Filipina legends, stars, and chart-topping sensations. In the first ever Women in Music event in the country, Billboard Philippines celebrates these women, the trailblazers, the innovators, the creators, and the performers who have made a lasting impact on the Philippine music industry with their unstoppable spirit and boundless talent.

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Ena Mori – RULE BREAKER Award

Blazing her own trail in Philippine pop, the Filipino-Japanese artist constantly innovates and redefines her sound, pushing the boundaries of what is done and what can be done in her art. “I was shocked,” Ena says on receiving her award. “It means I don’t conform to the idealistic, clean look, and that’s really cool. I think it just expands the possibilities of what female artists can be.” Her tunes filled with different textures, demanding-to-be-felt emotions, and depth and dimension, Ena Mori strives to be recognized with how she sounds—no matter how noisy or messy or put together. 

Ena Mori is the rule breaker in Philippine music


The nation’s girl group continuously delivers a new impression on the rising game of P-Pop with their sweet, fearless, fun, and inspiring music. The Filipina pop sensation’s success sets new standards for other artists with their contribution to a broader appreciation of Philippine music on wider platforms. This award is a groundbreaking milestone for BINI, and their remarkable voices and footprints on stage further cements their place at the forefront of the Philippine music scene. In their acceptance speech, the group says they are humbled and grateful for the platform “para mapakita pa namin kung ano ang kaya naming gawin.”

BINI arrives at the blue carpet in denim fits, each adding their own touch and sparkle

Moira Dela Torre – HITMAKER Award

The lovelorn and cathartic emotions imbued into Moira’s sound and lyric is a testament to her nationwide and beyond influence. Her voice and pen have paved the way for a genre in Philippine music largely attuned to the heart of the listener, and as a true chartbreaker, Moira’s legacy in the Philippine music scene has earned her this award. “Who would’ve thought that the songs I wrote as an outlet would resonate with so many people?” Moira says in her acceptance speech. She takes this time also to dedicate her award to her mother: “I get to do all of this because you first believed in me. This [award] is for you.”

HITMAKER Moira Dela Torre is timeless beauty in black

Pilita Corrales – ICON Award

Asia’s Queen of Songs has a legacy that spans decades; from the 50s up to this date, Pilita continues to enchant and mesmerize as a recording star and concert artist, becoming an institution of the country’s music industry that touches the lives of different generations of the Filipino. In her many decades, her voice enriched by age and time and her art polished and continuously rich with culture, her legendary influence has brought glory to Filipino songs—transcending generations, languages, and genres.

Pilita Corrales is an icon for many generations; her daughter Jackie Lou Blanco accepts the award

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid – POWERHOUSE Award

Asia’s songbird is also honored at the Women in Music event for her powerful impact and contribution to shaping the Philippine music industry. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, known for her timeless vocals and unique sound, has made her a household name for different generations—her records synonymous to the Filipino soundtrack. A tenured performer with an impressive roster of hits, Regine has truly set the standard for powerful balladeers and female singers.

Regien Velasquez-Alcasid, POWERHOUSE, exudes elegance with statement ribbons

Sarah Geronimo – WOMAN OF THE YEAR Award

As the first Filipina to be honored with the Global Force award at the Billboard’s Women in Music awards show in Los Angeles, Sarah Geronimo has cemented her mark as a trailblazer in shaping the music industry. Her unmatched versatility and artistry is always celebrated and delivered with a vehement spirit and timeless love for her craft and for the stage. Sarah’s voice, narrative, style, and own touch to making Philippine music truly her own are all reflected in what she shows to the audience nationwide and beyond. In her acceptance speech, she says, “Kung meron man akong hiling o pangarap para sa industriya o sa buong bansa natin, ito ay ang malakas na suporta at paniniwala at respeto sa kakayanan ng bawat isa.”

The WOMAN OF THE YEAR looks chic and carefree in her ensemble


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