BINI, Blackpink’s Jennie, and Ariana Grande Release New Tracks on Women’s Day

BINI, Blackpink’s Jennie, and Ariana Grande Release New Tracks on Women’s Day


Today—and every day, actually—is a good time to listen to our women artists

This International Women’s Day, we are celebrating and honoring the voices of women. By this, we mean in a literal sense. BINI, Jennie of BLACKPINK, and Ariana Grande indeed chose the perfect time to give us their new music at a time we need and want more female energies dominating our sound waves. With that, MEGA Entertainment breaks down the releases of each artist, going from our own nation’s girl group to Miss eternal sunshine herself. 

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BINI’s creative energy translates to their sound and style; Photo: BINI (via Twitter)

A peek of soul in sound

More than her it girl allure for her natural charm and expensive energy, it’s Jennie Kim’s skill as a multi performer that keeps people’s eyes on her. From belting out notes to showcasing her flow, a fan or even a casual listener of her solo tracks and BLACKPINK’s sounds cannot estimate the 28-year-old’s voice. This time, on her new track in collaboration with Matt Champion, “Slow Motion,” she interpreted the words with a more delicate touch. The main piano sound accompanies their voices, with an indie-electronica rhythm kicking in and then out from time to time. 

A reflection of voicing out love

BINI’s first EP, Talaarawan, is rightly called so for the tracks serving as pages telling stories of love. Predominantly fresh and catchy with its punchy beats and pop riffs, the EP still carries that feel of nostalgia for its constant reminders on self-love and inquiries on platonic and romantic feelings. Talaarawan features BINI’s previously released tracks “Karera” and “Pantropiko.” The latter is a TikTok hit as a dance challenge, garnering the attention of Blooms and new listeners alike. Even ITZY’s Ryujin has her own short cover of the track!

An anthem for young women or a reminder for older fans, the six-song EP is a great genesis for more top-notch performances from Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena. 

Ready to stan them more? Besides their performances, you might also want to check out the vlogs of the eight members, as well as their podcast, Podcast Ng Mga Walang Jowa

An ode to heartbreak in style

At this point of her career, Ariana Grande goes beyond her vocalist status. Producer, songwriter, storyteller. In her newest album, eternal sunshine, she underscores her musical creativity as she sings about matters of the heart. While fans and listeners can dissect the lyrics as a reflection of Grande’s personal affairs, the sounds themselves are enough to create a noise. And a good one at that. From the dance music feel of “yes, and?” to touches of R&B with the album’s namesake, and a lace of pop such as in “we can’t be friends (wait for your love),” Ariana’s 7th album is a nod to her conscientious music-making, further highlighted by her collaboration with Max Martin. 

Featured Image: ARIANA GRANDE, BINI, and JENNIE (via Instagram)

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