BINI Jhoanna’s Dream as a News Reporter Came True at TV Patrol

BINI Jhoanna’s Dream as a News Reporter Came True at TV Patrol


BINI’s leader, lead vocalist, and lead rapper Jhoanna Robles was in the TV Patrol newsroom last night, fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a newscaster.

BINI’s unmatched versatility, tireless dedication, and rising and steady influence in shaping the music scene is no longer overlooked or underrecognized. As their musical prowess continues to stand out locally and globally, Jhoanna Robles is at the forefront of guiding herself and the seven members into the spotlight with a maturity beyond her years since their debut in 2021. But before they took over charts, BINI’s leader had a dream—to step into the studio as a news anchor. Last night, she finally had her moment as TV Patrol’s Star Patroller.

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Jhoanna temporarily traded her idol duties for anchoring on TV Patrol last night

Just last weekend, Blooms and P-Pop enthusiasts filled the event area of Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City for BINI’s “Talaarawan” mall show. After interacting with their fans and giving electrifying performances and soulful vocals, the nation’s girl group finds no time to rest—while some of them have to go to school, Jhoanna took an opportunity to breathe life back into her journalist side and fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a news reporter.

Before she was BINI Jhoanna, she was a student who frequently won inter-school competitions in broadcast journalism. A netizen recalled a moment in her junior high school life, and some other reactions from Blooms expressed how proud they were of the P-Pop idol:

In 2023, Jhoanna was also on-air for early morning anchoring on ABS-CBN’s TeleRadyo program ‘Sakto,’ and was also given the opportunity to report at TV Patrol Express just this February. On TikTok, she also joins and posts challenges that showcase her broadcasting prowess. Last night only continued to prove her excellence as a news anchor.

At the end of the newcast, Jhoanna taught the TV Patrol anchors the dance steps to “Pantropiko”

A video with Miguel Dimaual from ABS-CBN News also resurfaced, to which the latter reposted last night and captioned, “Two years later, it actually happened…now the world knows your passion and excellence not just as a performer and BINI’s leader, but also as a trained journalist.” Blooms and Filipinos alike penned that they found inspiration in Jhoanna to never give up on their own dreams and to continue pursuing their passions—if they so wished it to happen, it will.

While the group is getting their well-deserved recognition, rising in local charts and expanding their exposure in the global music scene, Jhoanna’s voice, diction, and active news reporting in the Filipino language also made waves in the Philippine entertainment scene. This was reflected in her segment last night where she herself revealed she wrote, edited, and produced her own report, seamlessly integrating her journalistic skills into her on-air live report.

A young girl’s dream came true last night in the newsroom for Jhoanna—even just for one night, it was an impactful report by an impactful spokesperson. MJ Felipe, ABS-CBN’s longtime news reporter, also praised the idol and hoped that the experience “brought back to life the journalist in you.”

This binibini of P-Pop further reiterated that ‘manifesting works,’ so never give up as everything is possible.

Watch her full report here:

Photos and Featured Image: TV PATROL (Via X), ABS-CBN NEWS (Via Website)

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