BINI’s First Solo Concert Was Sold Out in Less Than 2 Hours

BINI’s First Solo Concert Was Sold Out in Less Than 2 Hours


BINI is taking the stage for their first solo concert in June at the New Frontier Theater. Tickets have sold out impossibly fast—in less than two hours.

Blooms and P-Pop enthusiasts have been in queue since early morning on Tuesday, April 2, to get tickets to the BINIVerse: The First Solo Concert for a chance to experience the nation’s girl group live. BINI’s first solocon marks a significant moment in the group’s journey as they continue to dominate the local and international charts. Capturing the hearts of P-pop music lovers anywhere and everywhere, BINI is seeing their rightful takeover to the local music scene as fans quickly scramble to secure a ticket to witness stunning visuals, powerful performances, and over-the-top production and surprises.

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In less than two hours, the tickets have all sold out onsite at the Araneta Coliseum Ticket Office and also online at TicketNet. Blooms have also taken to the internet to petition for a day 2 or a bigger venue, disheartened for other fans who weren’t able to secure a ticket. However, this is for sure the first of many more concerts to come for the nation’s girl group. Aside from ranking first on the top OPM female artists on Spotify, joining the likes of Moira Dela Torre, Denise Julia, and Nica del Rosario, BINI also received the award for Rising Stars at the Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music awards show just last March.

BINI members stunned in denim at the Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music awards

BINI’s youngest member Sheena was grateful and sentimental, penning, “Who would’ve thought na makaka-sell out kami ng concert?” BINI Gwen was also emotional, captioning her tweet, “Thank you sa lahat ng pumila nang maaga at nag-abang!” Finally, BINI member Mikha was beyond shocked, saying, “What just happened?”

BINI is taking the stage at the New Frontier Theater, further dominating the local music scene

Blooms are very proud of the girls for achieving this accomplishment, and they’re sure to enjoy the concert grounds and see Maloi, Colet, Jhoanna, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Aiah, and Sheena live on June 28.


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