Bretman Rock Breaks the Internet With ‘You’re That Bitch’

Bretman Rock Breaks the Internet With ‘You’re That Bitch’


The multi-hyphenate is adding “baddest author” to his list of achievements with the announcement of his memoir—and yes, as well as his last name

There are only a few who can live up to the title “social media personality,” and Bretman Rock is definitely one of them. 10 years is no easy feat in a digital world where relevance comes and goes faster than your Internet speed, and one can’t help but ask—how did Bretman do it? How does he even keep doing it? 

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Here comes his first memoir, You’re That Bitch (& Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself) to answer how Bretman makes it all happen! Publisher HarperCollins teased that the collection is a deeper dive on the social media icon as a son, brother, friend, lover, immigrant, superstar, and a human being. 

“With his signature honesty, this is an unfiltered and unprecedented look at what it means to be one of the first digital celebrities and that bitch—from dealing with cancel culture, drama, and heartbreak, to what it means to love yourself and your community,” the publishing house writes in the book preview. 

From this, we can expect a closer look on how Bretman has come to terms with his family’s dynamics including his relationship with Princess Mae, his relationship and eventual separation from the boyfriend he kept somewhat quiet about until the end, and the pleasures and pressures of putting himself out there while maintaining an ounce of privacy in his life. 

Just like Bretman Rock, be unapologetically yourself as the book hits stores on February 14, 2023. 

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