BTS Breaks Own Guinness World Record As Spotify’s Most Streamed Male Group

BTS Breaks Own Guinness World Record As Spotify’s Most Streamed Male Group


K-Pop group and music sensation BTS set the world alight with hit songs exploding with a new world record

Despite their group’s temporary hiatus, BTS has proven to be an unstoppable force in the music industry as they once again broke their Guinness World Record. With their influence and impact on global culture, it’s clear that BTS is more than just a K-pop group—it is a phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down. 

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After owning the title of the most streamed group on Spotify, Guinness World Records announced that they officially updated BTS’ existing record this year with grand numbers. According to the report by Guinness World Records, it is clear that “Dynamite” was the song that catapulted them to the top of Spotify charts, with an incredible 1.60 billion streams. This catchy and upbeat tune had fans worldwide dancing and singing to its infectious beat. Following closely to the most number of streams is “Butter,” with 1.08 billion listens—another track that showcases the boy band’s charisma and infectious energy. Finally, “Boy with Luv” feat. Halsey comes in at 1.01 billion streams, a testament to the enduring popularity of this classic BTS hit. With these incredible numbers, it’s clear that BTS has firmly established itself as one of the world’s biggest and most successful K-Pop groups. 

With their massive combined streams on Spotify reaching 31.8 billion as of March 3, BTS’ ARMY almost doubled the 16.3 billion record they achieved in April 2021. 

BTS’ continuous achievement of incredible numbers not only solidifies their status as the most popular K-Pop boy band in the world. But this proves that these impressive feats were a testament to the strong support from their army of fans. BTS’ ARMY has helped propel the group to new heights of global popularity. Although this cultural phenomenon called BTS is currently at a pause in its career as a group, it is clear that the group’s fire is in a constant blaze in the industry. 

BTS Jimin

Outside being a musical powerhouse in the K-Pop world and beyond, BTS is also taking the fashion world by storm. BTS’ J-Hope has just been crowned as the global ambassador of Louis Vuitton. Meanwhile, Jimin is all set to launch his first campaign with none other than Tiffany & Co. With BTS’ notable accomplishments, at this point, there’s no telling what other industries they might conquer next.

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