Small Laude Vlog Collaborations We’re All Waiting For

Small Laude Vlog Collaborations We’re All Waiting For


Small Laude has crossed a number of paths with the biggest stars, but we are still waiting for these celebrities to join her in her vlogs

From her natural humor and honest-to-goodness personality, Small Laude has solidified her entertainer status in the realm of vlogging. Over the years, the “Eat Girl” has taken us to places through her trips, made us laugh through challenges, and gave us a glimpse of her true self through her conversations with her family and friends. If there is one trend that we absolutely enjoy watching from the content creator, it is surely her collaborations with different guests. 

Small Laude vlogger vlog collaborations
Photo: SMALL LAUDE (via Instagram)

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With her bubbly personality, Small has already met the likes of Bea Alonzo, Francine Diaz, Vilma Santos, and Maricel Soriano and made them laugh. Aside from their engaging exchanges, they also tried activities that fans and viewers loved, such as munching on street food, shopping, and acting out some movie scenes. Of course, there are still more names that we want to see with the vlogging star, and more trends that they can hop on in for their next collaborations. With that being said, MEGA Entertainment rounds up a few celebrities that we most definitely want to see with the content creator. 

Andrea Brillantes

Starting off the list is a fellow Belo baby just like Laude herself. With Blythe’s experimental style and youthful energy, a Gen Z transformation challenge or style swap will be a fun content to shoot for the two. Meanwhile, Andrea can learn a thing or two about life and love with an experienced yet young at heart tita like Small. Maybe a pamper day out at the Belo clinic can even be part of their agenda, too! 

Andrea Brillantes collaboration vlog with Small Laude
Photo: ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)

Maja Salvador

Next on our roster is a dancing queen who can bring the vlogger’s moves out, and who else can do that but Maja? A dance cover with a tutorial will surely delight the fans of both, and there can even be a short acting portion on the side! Both entertainers at heart, their kalog personalities will be a sure match. 

Maja Salvador collab with Small Laude
Photo: MAJA SALVADOR (via Instagram)

Ivana Alawi

If there is anyone who knows the ropes of pranking people and being pranked, it is Ivana for sure. When they finally collaborate and a prank happens, can the vlogger outsmart her? We all know how animated Small can be when it comes to her reactions, and it will be fun to watch how she will show her emotions this time around! Another vlog idea is a mukbang that for sure, both of them will enjoy to their hearts’ content. 

Ivana Alawi vlogging collaboration with Small Laude
Photo: IVANA ALAWI (via Instagram)

Pia Wurtzbach

With the Miss Universe 2015 also taking over the world of fashion, she and the content creator can definitely collaborate for a fun shopping experience here in the country or abroad! Imagine how epic it would be if they decide to shop for one another or if they decide to make an educational vlog on the basics of luxury shopping. Besides their common love for fashion, it will also be a fun idea to see how Pia can teach the vlogger some basics on pageant training. 

Pia Wurtzbach collaboration vlog with Small Laude
Photo: PIA WURTZBACH (via Instagram)

Vice Ganda

Last but not least, we have Vice Ganda who can equally match the humor and wit of one Small Laude. Just thinking about the vlog is already a vision that we are all looking forward to! Imagine all the laughs that they share if they decide to do a video together. There is so much that they can do, from a “Small Talk” segment to a house raid, truth or dare, or sosyal lessons. Whatever they decide to do together in the future, it will surely entertain their audience and supporters. 

Vice Ganda collaboration vlog with Small Laude
Photo: VICE GANDA (via Instagram)


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