The Gen Z Guide on Fashion, Friendship, and Fun From Camille Co

The Gen Z Guide on Fashion, Friendship, and Fun From Camille Co


Any Gen Z who’s in need for some streetwear guidance can turn to fashion blogger-turned-vlogger Camille Co for some motherly advice on the matters of the rack or the heart

Since 2011, Camille Co has been our go-to for all things streetwear. Back in the day, bloggers would use the vacant lots and vandalized walls as their go-to location for exhibiting their style. In the content creator’s case, her put-together yet experimental mode of dressing has gone from the country’s streets to New York Fashion Week. 

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Camille Co New York Fashion Week streewear inspo for Gen Z

12 years since her blogging journey, the 35-year-old continues to breathe fun to her fashion by mixing trendy pieces and staple silhouettes. If there’s a city that can birth trends with a little homage to heritage, it’s New York. Couple that with Co’s experience in the digital space and all things clothing, there is  definitely a lot that we can learn from her. Whether we’re finding or changing our style, her own journey can be our handbook to living and loving the art of dressing up. In an exclusive interview with MEGAStyle, Camille shares how our Gen Z blood can bring her proven and tested NYFW looks to our everyday streetwear. 

Go big and bold

This season, the content creator did not shy away from injecting color to her looks. In the world where minimalist fashion and toned down hues are in, you can stand out like the NYFW attendee and stick to a number of colors for some coordinated statement. Would you believe that the vlogger’s outfits—ranging from Gen Z-approved shades of bold pinks and blues to neon greens and chunky jewelry—were also a matter of years of experience?

The style maven opened up, “I didn’t feel prepared at all because I came from back-to-back trips prior to flying to New York and I was swamped with so much work.” With a mix of personal and pulled pieces, she was able to curate and cater to the city’s sartorial vibe. “Whenever I style my looks for Fashion Week, I always try to cater to the city’s vibe. NYFW is different from Milan’s or Paris’. It’s more youthful, experimental, and bolder, so I planned for outfits that would reflect this.”

Camille Co New York Fashion Week streewear inspo for Gen Z

For her streetwear ensembles at the Big Apple, the style and travel personality highlighted denim in most of her outfits. This fabric, known to be the American uniform, was translated into a cropped jacket, a distressed maxi skirt, and a two-piece bubble set by Camille. If she can do it in New York, then we can do it here, too!

Go through the risk

If you are just starting out with fashion experimentation, Camille has a tip for you. “Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s the only way you’ll grow, evolve, and eventually find your own style. Have fun with it!” 

Over the years, the content creator has evolved in terms of her personal and professional roles as a wife, mother, and businesswoman. Even with her adulting duties, she keeps her fashion young at heart by keeping up with latest collections and emerging trends. Balletcore makes an appearance with her Vivaia flats, as well as loud and proud rubber footwear that is winning for Gen Zs.

Camille Co New York Fashion Week streewear inspo for Gen Z

Truthfully, Camille is setting an example not just for her daughter, Sienna, but also for all of us. Being an adult doesn’t mean giving up our childlike preferences, our clothing choices included! New York is a city of dreamers, and people dress for their dream parts. Who’s to say we have to fly to do the same? We can start with our closets and in our own cities!

Go with a friend

If there’s one constant thing in the content creator’s life besides vlogging, it’s her friendships. One of her most solid relationships is with her good friend, Laureen Uy, who also shares the same love for fashion as her. One of the reasons why they jive? Their love for color and adventure when it comes to choosing their outfits. “We started in the industry together and basically grew up together,” Camille pointed out. “We sometimes get anxious doing these things so it’s nice to have someone who’ll be by your side to encourage you, and help you out and vice versa.”

Camille Co New York Fashion Week streewear inspo for Gen Z

In a recent study, Gen Zs are wary over friendships that make them overspend. Forming and keeping relationships shouldn’t break the bank! If you want to shop with your friends, getting two-in-one bundles can be your option. An ukay trip plus style swap is also a good idea to mix things up! Or just like Camille Co and Laureen Uy, you can also swap and borrow pieces from each other for your next streetwear agenda.

Photos: CAMILLE CO (via Instagram)

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