Cardi B Donates Proceeds From Her Coronavirus Rant That Became A Hit Song

Cardi B Donates Proceeds From Her Coronavirus Rant That Became A Hit Song


What was originally just a simple rant about coronavirus turned out to be a global hit song.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was only at the onset of the spread, there were countless of people around the globe who were taking it so lightly. They didn’t consider that the virus will bear its full brunt, wreaking havoc in several countries in the world, killing thousands of innocent lives.

And because of it, American rapper Cardi B posted a 46-second long video on her Instagram ranting about people neglecting the fact that there’s still out playing around even with the imminence of the pandemic. “Let me tell you about something. I don’t understand how that sh*t was from Wuhan, China; now all of a sudden this motherf*cker is on tour,” she says.


“I’m going up-front: a b*tch is scared,” she admits. “I’m a little scared, you know what I’m saying like that sh*t got me panicking and all you motherf*ckers [just keep playing]. Coronavirus… I’m telling you that sh*t is real—it’s getting real!”

When her post got a huge engagement across major social media platforms, Brooklyn-based DJ iMarkkeyz created a remix of her rant. And amidst the global pandemic scare, he managed to score a viral hit with the song titled, “Coronavirus (Remix).”

Cardi B Coronavirus

In fact, two hours right after Cardi B posted a screenshot of the iTunes chart song that was initially at 96 immediately jolted to number 11 under hip hop charts. To this date, the remix has already hit number 1 on iTunes in several countries.

“The fact this damn coronavirus song is charting on iTunes…Hold on…let me hit the DJ up and Atlantic so I can’t get my damn coins,” she captioned on her Instagram post. On March 19, the rapper and the DJ tweeted that both of them will be donating all the royalties they received from the remix.

“YES! THAT’S WHAT WE GOING TO DO!” Cardi shares. “Keep in mind you don’t get your money right away… but even months from now there would be families with financial issues for getting laid off due to the virus. We will Donate!”

Looking for a way to donate and help with the COVID-19 pandemic? Click here to learn more about the organizations that are asking for your assistance now.

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