Cartier Empowers Women With A New Worldwide Initiative

Cartier Empowers Women With A New Worldwide Initiative


Cartier knows the value of bringing women together to help solve the most pressing global challenges. Here’s the initiative they started.

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In the year 2006, Cartier launched an initiative that brought together a diverse community of 262 Women Impact entrepreneurs from 62 countries. They called this the Cartier Women’s Initiative, a group of empowered women supporting one other, while solving pressing global challenges. They had discussions on a range of topics from social to environmental issues. More than the amount of knowledge learned from the initiative, a 6,440,000 USD prize money has also been awarded to support the businesses. This started a long and beautiful relationship with the brand and the women behind the movement.

Up until now, Cartier continues their legacy of women empowerment and social responsibility. During the first week of March this year, the Cartier Women’s Initiative World Reunion kicked off. Cartier wanted to celebrate women with extraordinary achievements that use their influence and standing for good. These women are leveraging business as a force for good.

Nine former Cartier Women’s Initiative fellows who have been selected for the extraordinary impact their businesses have created over the years were also celebrated at the Reunion for their contributions towards Improving Lives, Preserving the Planet and Creating Opportunities, which are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

For International Women’s Day this year, Cartier reaffirmed their commitment towards supporting women. The Cartier Women’s Initiative has reached the shores of South East Asian countries and the powerful women from there who are considered industry leaders. Their new efforts reinforces the Cartier Women’s Initiative. Not only will they create a community of supportive women, but they will also offer a plethora of engagement activities to drive meaningful conversations around women empowerment, and one-on-one guidance to potential applicants for the Cartier Women’s Initiative across the region.

One Filipina stood out from the roster during this year’s Cartier Women’s Initiative. Carmina Bayombong, founder of InvestEd won the Cartier’s Women’s Initiative Impact Award. This is not the first time Bayombong won an award. She was previously named CWI Laureate 2019 and Impact Awardee 2021. The entrepreneur continues to lead a movement of empowerment through education and community.

Learn more about the Cartier Women’s Initiative by following Cartier in Facebook and Instagram. You can aslo head on to the SSI Life website for more updates. For the 2023 edition of the Cartier Women’s Initiative, Cartier will be collaborating with selected partners to prepare applicants for the program, leveraging on the networks, expertise and passion of these ecosystem enablers. Stay updated so you could find out how to join in this powerful movement.

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