Cat Arambulo-Antonio on How She Cleaves to Her Best Self

Cat Arambulo-Antonio on How She Cleaves to Her Best Self


Ditching the age-old archetype of what society has set for the woman, perennial multi-hyphenate Cat Arambulo-Antonio charges through life with an undeterred sense of self-worth that you, too, can get in on.

If we judge solely based on the account of her social media timeline, it is baffling how style icon, online personality, wife and mother, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, does all that she does on a daily basis, all while exuding a sense of fun that is genuinely warm and unapologetically real. A diligent documentation of her day-to-day would reveal in varying increments everything from snaps of her twirling OOTDs, taking her kids to ballet, golf tourneys or college immersions, practicing her makeup skills to her many social obligations and even detailed accounts (read: administering) of her self-love journey. From an observer casually going over the drawls of social media, it can be exhausting just looking at how she effectively and efficiently manages to do it all, all while looking her very best. Naturally, this begs us to wonder: How does she do it all?

“You know, it really goes down to how I learned how to say no,” she reveals from comfortable perch. “If I could, I would… but nothing would be left for my family and myself.” Illuminating as she is, Cat Arambulo-Antonio’s charm inherently lies with how real she is. If you ask her a question, she will answer in vivid detail, accompanied by an anecdote and punctured by laughter. “You really have to prioritize what matters most to you, and you have to learn how to leave a little for yourself.” When this is set aside for the age-old archetype that society has long set out for women, you not only become less of yourself, but an unwanted unhappiness will trickle down to everything in your life, she argues. “You think you’re doing right by what people think, but you are actually not being your best self,” she continues.


This is precisely why Cat plays by her own rules. While she will admit that is far from being ideal, she does the best that she can with what is accorded of her and her abilities. “I remember, my husband and I went on a 4-day out of town trip with our kids without any help, because we figured we could manage,” she recalls. “But after 2 days, we admitted we couldn’t do it all.” This sense of reality constantly levels her to all her other obligations, she will do what she can within the scope of what she believes in and knows she is able to deliver. The same thought process drapes itself over her self-care. Again, nothing is left to a secret with her, meaning, we are all privy to the measures she has actively taken to be the best version of herself.

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“Let’s not kid ourselves, when you look good physically, you will feel infinitely greater inside,” she says. It’s a necessary effect that gives her that ease and lightness that many are just so enamored by. “It’s good that we are at that point where these conversations are no longer hush hush. We can now openly talk about what can be done, what innovations are available and what science is able to offer us,” she details. “I’ve gone on record on what I have had done on my face or for weight loss, because why hide it? Through this also, I am able to inspire women to be better for themselves, because they can see what its effects are first-hand.”

Swearing by the top-of-the-line, quality treatments at The Aivee Clinic, Cat Arambulo-Antonio consistently takes us through her beauty journey, which includes sessions for Merz treatments such as Ultherapy, Xeomin and Belotero. “I’ve been going to Dr. Aivee Teo for so long to know that I am not only getting the best, but that they want the same for me, too.” This is also important in the path of wellness and aesthetics, “You have to research and study what treatments will work for you and that you go to a reputable doctor and clinic.” Admitting to taking years before actually having treatments done, this afforded her the knowledge to really know what she wants and is best for her. “Had I known this was going to be the effect on me, I wish I had done it sooner.” With a trove of knowledge and first-hand experience, this makes Cat the perfect face and embodiment of the Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey Campaign, a regional effort that seeks to empower women in their process of self-discovery through their personal accounts. One of the 11 women chosen for the Asia Pacific campaign, Cat is not only able to join in as the Philippine representative, but she is also accorded the ability to initiate a conversation about creating positive behaviors and mindsets regarding self-confidence. “I definitely trust the treatments that Merz offers not only because it really works, but it has contributed to building that self-assurance in me, especially when I committed to being my best self,” she says of her trust in the brand. “With me, when I know something works, I really stay loyal to it.”

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More than the refreshing candor of Cat Arambulo-Antonio, it is this steadfast and earnest belief for the self that is nothing short of inspiring. “You really have to know what you want, also what you deserve,” she says. “More than the science, this is really what will help you achieve your best self.” With a strong sense of self-worth, Cat Arambulo-Antonio is able to navigate through her life (as you can see for yourself on her YouTube and Instagram page) sans a chip on her shoulder. “At this point in my life, I’ve worked my hardest to be where I am, and asking for help, especially for my family and myself, doesn’t make me less of a woman than I am.”

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