Catriona Gray Reveals Her Secrets To Aging Gracefully

Catriona Gray Reveals Her Secrets To Aging Gracefully


Discover the habits that Catriona Gray practices to stay confident and healthy at any age.

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Aging isn’t what it is used to be. Many women today are embracing the changes that come with it, whether it’s the gray hair or fine lines, they’re carrying it with grace and confidence. But the acceptance of aging isn’t as easy as simple as stopping yourself from dyeing your roots. Being hit with the realization that you can’t run as fast, you can’t stay out as late, or needing to make the font size of your phone larger just to be able to read your messages is difficult. Growing older also means a whole lifestyle change.

To find the perfect balance in aging is to have practices that support you through it; those that keep you healthy, confident, and grounded. One woman who has been striking this ever-changing balance and, most importantly, enjoying life as it comes is Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Not only does she frequently get complimented for her baby face, but the whole world also admires how she’s able to stay healthy despite her busy schedule. Sure, genes may be at play here, but another little-known fact about the multi-hyphenate is that she takes exceptional care of herself.

Here are 3 habits to age gracefully according to Catriona Gray:

1. Remind Yourself That You Are Constantly Growing As An Individual

Gray shares that she has always had healthy approach to aging which she learned from her own mom. “I think that’s because I’ve seen it with my mom who has aged so gracefully. I grew up seeing her really embrace the way her body may shift or the fine lines that appear,” she shares.

Even with the recent launch of her Madame Tussauds wax figure which is younger version of herself, she didn’t feel any pressure to look the same. “I’m older now, I have so many more experiences under my belt and I’m growing as a woman. My body’s changing and I want to embrace that instead of constricting myself to fit into what I was or who I was when I was younger.”

2. Take Supplements According To What Your Body Needs

“When I was younger, my mom would also emphasize that we should always take the time to look after ourselves and invest in quality supplements, food, and other things that are good for our health,” she explains. This is the exact reason why she has been taking Myra E, a powerful antioxidant supplement that helps boost immunity and protects the skin from environmental stressors for 10 years. “I’ve found that just taking my Myra every day has been something that has allowed me to perform on that level no matter if I may lack in other areas, it’s just allowed me to be the best at my work, and its work that I love,” she says.

As their latest endorser, Gray hopes to show Filipinas that the first step to looking good is to stay healthy. “Give yourself an opportunity to age gracefully. This means looking out for yourself and your body as it gets older because it’s more prone to accidents and soreness. Even towards our skin, since it starts to lose collagen and elasticity. It’s nice to put in that care and that intentional time to take those supplements or do those actions to give your body what it really needs.”

3. Be Confident In Your Own Way

For Gray, being confident doesn’t have to mean showing off your body or your face. What’s important is that you are happy with how you present yourself. “I personally don’t like to be in a bikini on the beach. I’m quite conservative in that way. It’s not necessarily because I don’t love or I’m ashamed of my body, but I’m just not someone who wants to show off myself that way,” she shares and encourages women to check in with how they feel about themselves. “If it’s just because you don’t want to show off yourself in that way, that’s to be respected. Think of confidence as a form of self-expression. What are you comfortable with expressing yourself as.”

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