Celebrate Girl Power With These 6 Netflix Shows

Celebrate Girl Power With These 6 Netflix Shows


Champion the female spirit with our picks of girl power-infused shows!

Through the years television has been the pioneering form of entertainment since Philo Farnsworth gifted us it’s black and white magic in the late ’20s.  Fast forward to 2018, television shows and movies have come along way since. From watching with your family in your cozy living room, to just conveniently choosing on a variety of selections in your laptops and smartphones.  We have come to rely on these shows not just for wholesome entertainment but also as a source of strength and inspiration. Most of these shows boldy tackle a lot about current world issues, such as fighting for rights, exploring sexuality, putting an end to racial boundaries and  feminism.

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But thanks to the various creatives that gave us these progressive and empowering shows, providing a voice to women around the world in the form of  these lovable shows with deep and complex characters that represents the true stars of society, may it be through the form of humor, drama or sci-fi.



Set in the roaring ’80s where women in powerful positions were not as prevalent, Glow is a story of an out-of-work actress, after not getting the part for a movie (where she mistakenly auditioned the role of a male),  Ruth Wilder is at a wits end. In her desperation, she finds an unconventional way to achieve stardom: in an all women’s wrestling team, complete with colorful latex suits and over the top acting that goes along with their wardrobes, topping it off with a touch of glitter. Glow has a  diverse cast of women with different backgrounds, humorous banter and the tackling of social issues towards race and women.


2) Dear White People


A show that gives us a strong and serious view on racism. Sam White has become the main reason why Pastiche, a satirical magazine ran by white men,  threw a blackface party in protest to white’s controversial campus radio show Dear White people, in which she discussed racism within the campus. From there the show sheds light to the various forms of discrimination, aside from racism is still a constant  issue even in our supposedly progressive society.

3) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


If you’re looking for something a bit more light-hearted amidst the exhausting political drama, this is the show to watch. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt teaches us that no matter how lost we are and whatever life may throw at us, a positive outlook will most likely save us from doom the day has planned for us. Take it from a woman imprisoned in an underground bunker for 15 years. When Kimmy Schmidt decided to get out of the prison that had became her home, she was able to experience the sudden and overwhelming changes in her life. Together with her friend Titus, who introduced  and guided her every step of the way into the new world, Kimmy greeted every obstacle with wide eyed enthusiasm and positivity, simply telling us to never give up on living.


4) Orange Is the New Black


When one thinks of a prison setting, they would usually imagine violence, hardened criminals, people who killed other people, in other words an overall manner of evilness within the closed concrete facility. But Orange is the new black, through its light-hearted and serious take on life in prison, shows us its unexpected side. The story initially revolves around Piper Chapman who had been sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary, a minimum security women’s federal prison after being convicted of smuggling drug money for her then girlfriend Alex Vause who’s an international drug smuggler. Her prim and proper demeanor had unintentionally stuck out compared to some of the lifelong residents of Litchfield which became a challenge to Piper,  yet the show’s essential take on the life of women in prison, presented through brief personal moments and back stories makes the show worthy to be on this list.


5) Sense 8

If you’re a fan of the Matrix, then you’re probably familiar with the Wachowskis. And you probably remembered how complex and awesome that movie was.  The sibling duo created a masterpiece that shows their true creative ability in the sci-fi field yet again. The story is about eight strangers from different parts of the globe, until a remarkable moment turned  their lives around, a process called “birthing” that linked each other in a conscious and physical level. This ability made them see each others individual lives, in different settings and culture and in some moments, help each other out.  The show is also applauded in positive representations of the LGBT and diversity, highlighting teamwork, harmony and acceptance.

6) Miss Fisher’s Murder Mystery

The series is based on the novel written by Kerry Greenwood, if you’re the type who’s into ’20s era detective novels then this show is perfect for you. Miss Fisher’s murder mystery revolves around the personal and professional life of Phryne Fisher, probably the only woman who can pull off  gritty detective work whilst being glamorous fashionable. It’s a quite a big deal considering the roles of women during that time. Plus she is not afraid to use her sharp wits and pearl handled pistol to fight injustice. So the next time you’re in the mood for the 1920s feel, combined with some  glamorous sleuthing with a spunky female detective, the vintage jazz scene, and good old fashion crime fighting, remember, Miss Fisher’s is a click away on Netflix.


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