This Is The One Celebrity Trend That Will Completely Change Your Look

This Is The One Celebrity Trend That Will Completely Change Your Look


These celebrities have one thing in common and it totally changed their overall looks!

Celebrities are the easiest trendsetters we could think of. From styling to makeup routines, they know exactly what to put out there for everyone to follow. But there’s one trend that we seemingly overlook that totally changes the look of our faves. And no, they are not simply the way they do their make up. It’s all in the eyes!
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Contact lenses have been quite a thing for celebrities even before. Even Kylie and Kendall Jenner have both been wearing them for some time now. And it only proves that colored lenses are game-changers. Take it from our local faves, wearing these colored contacts totally boosted their look even more. Check out how these celebrities amped up their looks with contact lenses:

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

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Adding up to her fierce look, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla knows exactly how to rock her colored lenses.

Gabbi Garcia

Wearing her usual colored contacts, Gabbi Garcia levels up her looks with space buns and a goofy pose!

Loisa Andalio

Ever-glowing Loisa Andalio makes her eyes shine with her by wearing hazel contacts!

Andrea Brillantes

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Our favorite Instagram baddie is at it again with her effortless charms, leveled up with light lenses!

Maris Racal

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Eyes lighter than usual, Maris Racal shows off a different vibe in this photo!

Julie Anne San Jose

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Brightening up her doe eyes even more, Julie Anne San Jose glams up with a pair of hazel contacts.

Sue Ramirez

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From the hair, the lips, and of course, the eyes, Sue Ramirez is a whole different person in this look.

Kathryn Bernardo

Kath is a natural eye-catcher and just when we thought she can’t get any prettier, the contacts changes it all.

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