Kisses Delavin Leads This Trend At The #MakingMEGAinCzechRepublic Premiere!

Kisses Delavin Leads This Trend At The #MakingMEGAinCzechRepublic Premiere!


#MakingMegaInCzechRepublic documentary’s leading lady, Kisses Delavin not only dazzled during last night’s premiere but also led the apparent outfit trend of the evening!
Kisses Delavin was all smiles all throughout the night, mirroring the energy she showed in the #MakingMegaWithKissesDelavin documentary, one that was wide-eyed, humble, and appreciative. While Kisses championed tailored brights and an effervescent attitude in the #MakingMegaInCzechRepublic, she unexpectedly juxtaposed these with her outfit choice for the night: a sheer and flowing Francis Libiran original with a fully embellished bodice in a fiery shade of red.

The red color, while unexpected, worked amazingly well for the star of the night as she stood out in the best way possible.
Kisses kept it simple and chic—as to let the gown do all the talking—save for an equally unexpected bejewelled ear cuff solely on her left ear.

We are enamored by intricate embellishments that seemingly flow into the cascading sheer skirt.

The team behind the #MakingMegaInCzechRepublic stands alongside Kisses—Associate Editor Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, MEGA Publisher Archie Carrasco, Ambassador Czech Embassy Manila Jaroslav Olsa Jr., Founding Editor Sari Yap, Kisses’s special guest Tony Labrusca, MEGA’s Editrix-In-Chief Peewee Isidro-Reyes, MEGA’s Creative Director Suki Salvador, Making MEGA director Mike Carandang, MEGA Art Director Jann Pascua, host of the night Laura Lehmann, Kisses’ manager Captain Luz, and Kisses’ parents.
Amidst the darker hued outfits, we couldn’t help but notice a striking trend with Sari, Kisses, Tony, Peewee, and Suki: red, red, and red! And who better to lead it than Kisses Delavin herself.

MEGA’s Suki Salvador and Peewee Reyes-Isidro also sported the vibrant hue their own way, with Suki opting for it to be an accent color in his striped tee underneath his blazer with an oversized lapel and with Peewee rocking the color in her head-to-toe tone-on-tone ensemble!
So take it from Kisses and own the night in red—it’s at once classic, sensual, and striking!

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