Celebrities Wore These Ten Filipino Designers At The GMA Gala

Celebrities Wore These Ten Filipino Designers At The GMA Gala


These ten designers will show you how Old Hollywood Glam is done the Filipino way.

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Fashion has always been part of our history and culture. Actually, the F in Filipino can definitely stand for fashion. Today, designers who carry our identity with pride in their blood are renowned for the evident craftsmanship and artistry involved in the design and execution of each creation.

Last Saturday, the GMA Thanksgiving Gala was a celebration of the network’s 72 years in the show business. Besides the recognition of Filipino talent in the Kapuso network, it was also an avenue to showcase glamourous pieces made by Filipino creatives.

With this, here are the Filipino designers whose pieces that made a mark in the event:

Mark Bumgarner

As seen on his muses for the evening, Mark decided to stick and play with black and white—the go-to classic shades—for his stunning pieces. He also incorporated a rosette draping for Beauty Gonzalez, a layered sweetheart neckline and bow eleganza for Maja Salvador, and some scattered, feathered accent for Julie Anne San Jose.

Beauty is a sleek beaut in her ensemble.

Maja takes the crown for this look.

Julie Anne was able to carry this tricky silhouette well.

Rajo Laurel

Let Rajo teach you the art of functional drama. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan‘s elegant back bow doubles as low sleeves for her simple a-line design. Meanwhile, Bea Alonzo‘s one-sided cape added some blazing trail to her vintage Dior number.

Maricel proves that nothing beats elegance for an occasion.

Bea is dressed mixed a vintage piece with flair for her first party in the network.

Francis Libiran

While Francis opted for a more classic Hollywood glam for Carmina Villaroel with the side draping and bow, he channeled a more contemporary take for Michelle Dee with an embellished column gown with a cut-out bodice.

Carmina’s look is classic and timeless.

Michelle balances sleek and skin in this number.

Boom Sason

True to her fashion philosophy of incorporating “a current of edge and sexy” in her designs, Boom made a custom piece fit for a literal queen, Megan Young. You’d definitely want to get this gown for yourself for its intricate art deco-inspired beading and cape sleeves, giving you some regal realness!

Megan proves that once a queen, always a queen.

Vania Romoff

There’s an inexplicable grace and sophistication in every Vania Romoff piece, and the two creations worn by Gabbi Garcia and Jasmine Curtis-Smith that night were nothing short of that. The designs hugged each figure differently, but nonetheless exuded flow and lightness for both Gabbi and Jasmine.

Gabbi brings her old soul energy to the next level.

Jasmine is captivating on the red carpet and she is on screen.

Neric Beltran

A good designer knows how to distribute embellishments well, and Neric showed that he has mastered that criterion. LA Aguinaldo sported a tuxedo with black-teared crystals—an out-of-the-box ensemble that we don’t see quite often. By now, we already know that Solenn Heussaff vouches for a kind of sexy that is simple. True to her identity, the blooming mama’s gown was a slip dress with black orchids adorning her train. Finally, the black, beaded initial on Billy Crawford‘s white elevate his white suit’s attitude.

LA Aguinaldo’s look is dripping with coolness.

Billy makes fatherhood cool with this ensemble.

Solenn stays true to her laidback, sophisticated mien.

Anthony Ramirez

His design for Celeste Cortesi definitely gave a whole lot of skin that night. The latter’s slitted cutout gown was a splendid statement piece fit for a confident queen ready to rule the universe.

Celeste is whole lustrous galaxy herself.

Michael Leyva

Indeed, only a few can carry a sultry, scintillating that slays with class; and Sanya Lopez aced it with flying colors. Although feathers are usually used in headdresses to match an art-deco dress, Michael Leyva added them to the gown itself.

Sanya gives off a modern bombshell vibe with this sparkling look!

Russel May Cordero

If you ask this designer how to give you something remarkable, she’ll definitely tell you it’s all in the structure and details. Up close, you’ll see that the secret to Coleen Garcia‘s sparkling situation is the detailed beadwork.

Coleen glams up nicely for her red carpet comeback.

Michael Cinco

His impalpable ingenuity makes him one of a kind and it’s no wonder he’s a favorite of celebrities. Four celebrities donned his creative interpretations of old Hollywood glam—Miguel Tan Felix, Mark Bautista, Max Collins, and Carla Abellana.

Miguel dons a glistening suit.

Mark channels the late visionary André Leon Talley with this look.

Max takes on old Hollywood glamour in contemporary style.

Carla is a sure headturner with her look.

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