Splitsville: Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up in the Pandemic

Splitsville: Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up in the Pandemic


Nothing lasts forever

Though parting ways may seem like a sad ending, the happy memories remain for couples that choose to keep it close. Especially in the showbiz world, where projects make sure that no ties are cut forever.

Check out these celebrity couples who announced their breakup amid the pandemic—and how they’re doing now.

LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis

There has been much speculation over the real score of the 5-year long relationship of LJ and Paolo, who together share a daughter named Summer. Breakup talks circulated on August 15 after the pair deleted traces of each other on social media. Though social media isn’t a quantifier of anyone’s relationship, it was concerning for fans who always saw the two online.

All rumors were then put to a halt when manager Lolit Solis confirmed that they had indeed “outgrown” one another.

 “Walang [third] party sa hiwalayang Paolo Contis at LJ Reyes,” the showbiz manager said via Instagram. “It was a matter of na-outgrow na nila ang romance sa kanilang relasyon,” she said. Kesa naman humantong pa sa pag aaway, mas gusto na nila na maghiwalay ng maayos, at dasal na mag end as friends.”

Meanwhile, the LJ and Paolo themselves haven’t spoken up about their real score.

Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica

This long-time Encantadia couple announced their breakup in July of 2021. Though both never explicitly revealed the reason for their separation, Kylie’s father, Robin Padilla, had choice words to say regarding a third party.

In an interview with showbiz manager Ogie Diaz, the actor said that “[Sa] panahon ngayon, ‘di ako naniniwala na merong lalaki na makakatanggi sa tukso.” Robin was promptly slammed online for the remarks.

Meanwhile, Kylie and Aljur have shared that the breakup was the right decision for both parties. Kylie has been busy working on a series with Andrea Torres and settling in with their sons, Alas Joaquin and Axl Romeo: “Talagang ‘yung bagong bahay, inayos ko talaga para at least it feels like a home para sa mga bata. Maganda lang ‘yung vibes sa loob nung bahay,”

Meanwhile, Aljur has also been keeping busy with his own ongoing projects: “For everyone’s sake—my kids, myself—I will always choose to be happy.”

Rabiya Mateo and Neil Salvacion

Sometimes, queens have to let go of their kings. After her Miss Universe bout, Rabiya Mateo enjoyed her vacation in America—but rumors quickly spread that she and her healthcare worker boyfriend had separated after deleting each other off of social media.

Rabiya initially dispelled the rumors by saying that they only needed to talk after she returned from her trip. Soon enough, Neil shared via Instagram stories that they had indeed decided to end their 7-year relationship.

“The real thing is, we’re not together anymore, but we’re both okay, moving forward, we talked and we’re both happy with our own lives,” Salvacion shared.

“We believe that God placed us in this kind of situation for a reason, and that is for the better,” he added.

The two had met in college and Neil is Rabiya’s first boyfriend.

Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres

After a year together, Derek and Andrea confirmed their mutual breakup in November of 2020. They had shared a home in Ayala Alabang and even a couple YouTube channel named Andrek Vlogs.

Derek first took to Instagram to defend Andrea amid their breakup, saying via comments that: “Please don’t point the finger at anyone. There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman.”

“Maybe two people are just not meant to be. Please respect us na lang. We shared our love to all of you. Sana naman we can keep this to ourselves.”

Derek is now engaged to Ellen Adarna, who he has called “The One” on numerous occasions. Meanwhile, Andrea is now starring in the lead role of the GMA teleserye, The Legal Wives.


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