#FlatAndProud: These Celebs Are Proud Members Of The “Itty-Bitty” Club

#FlatAndProud: These Celebs Are Proud Members Of The “Itty-Bitty” Club


With body positivity now at the (rightful) forefront of how we choose to look at ourselves, gone are the days of comparing body types to one another.

While the past years have celebrated full-chested women, these days it’s no longer a big deal to put on pressure for those who are part of the so-called “itty-bitty-tittie” committee.

Check out these celebs who’ve flaunted their bodies, as they should!

Gabbi Garcia

This young stunner didn’t pull any punches when she shared a gorgeous picture of her rocking a fern-green bikini.

“I used to be so shy & hesitant when it comes to wearing triangle-shaped bikini tops. But now, I learned to finally embrace it. Flaunt it and be proud!”

Aside from her recent post, Gabbi has also been outspoken about loving her body for what it is.

“Yes, I have no boobs, I’m flat-chested + I have my own fair share of stretch marks. And I don’t see anything wrong with it, she shared back in 2018.

“If your definition of being ‘sexy’ doesn’t fit with my body type, well then sorry, but I LOVE MY BODY. And nobody deserves to be bullied just because of your body. We are all beautiful in our own way!”

Julia Baretto

Nipple tape users, rise up! Julia first pointed out her membership of the itty-bitty-tittie community back in 2019 by saying that she only ever uses nipple tape because her bras didn’t have anything to hold onto in the first place.

Since then, she’s been outspoken about body positivity, sharing once that she would be honored to be the “queen of the flat-chested community.”

Maureen Wroblewitz

Proving that queens don’t follow a one-size-fits-all body type, the Asia’s Next Top Model winner spoke out against naysayers who feel like they have the right to comment on her body.

“If I haven’t already accepted my itty bitty titties then something like this would really hurt,” she shared on Twitter, pertaining to someone who asked why she was flat.

“What were you trying to achieve? Imagine if this was on someone’s photo who was really insecure. we should be able to love ourselves and accept who we are. don’t make it harder for us.”

Maris Racal

Sometimes you just have to fight the haters with some humor!

The 24-year-old reacted to a comment saying her chest was “empty” with a TikTok saying: “Guys, you care so much about the size!” She then pointed to her chest and asked “Ito ba may laman? Wala.” She then pointed to her skull: “Eh ito? Wala din.

Who said bigger is better, anyway?


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