Le Echappeé Belle: A First Look at Cheetah Rivera’s Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Le Echappeé Belle: A First Look at Cheetah Rivera’s Spring Summer 2022 Collection


On our MEGA Designer Exclusive, take a peek into Filipina designer Cheetah Rivera’s pysche that showcases a balance of surrealism, escapism, and a great gift for wondrous couture.

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Feeling the onslaught of prolonged lockdowns and restrictions dampening her creativity, Cheetah Rivera dove head-on into a two-year outburst of limitless passion, producing a collection of individually independent, artisanal ensembles with sustainability in mind.

In true creative fashion, her collection, aptly called “Pizza Party,” started as an idea born over pizzas and movies, during a staycation with her closest friends. A moment of introspection and appreciation inspired her to take the leap of faith and make use of available dead stock fabrics, trimmings, and materials left from previous collections in her atelier, and create a fantastical world wherein couture reigns supreme.

Known for her designs that have a distinct female energy, Rivera’s aesthetic purposely pulsates vibrant
yet edgy, classic yet lustrous sensuality fit for her muses, namely Regine Velasquez, Heart Evangelista,
and Marie Lozano, who she acknowledges as her stronghold. Nothing short of inspirational, Rivera states that “this collection is a testament to creativity during trying times. This is my way of letting everyone know that we can rise above our current situation and inspire everyone that there is beauty in hardship.”

Truly, fashion without passion is as dreary as a dry desert. But fashion made with intention and a lot of heart will not only leave a mark but will also create elegance that can’t be easily replicated.

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