Chris Nick’s Spring/Summer 2021 Makes Fashion Our Armor In Lockdown

Chris Nick’s Spring/Summer 2021 Makes Fashion Our Armor In Lockdown


Imagining a world where there are no restrictions anymore, Chris Nick celebrates his birthday unveiling a new collection reminding us that there are better days ahead.

A year has gone by, yet here we are still on lockdown. While we have all acclimatized ourselves to the so-called “new normal,” being like this for over a year now shouldn’t be called new anymore. In our time alone in the comforts of our home improving ourselves amid the pandemic, we have used all means of escape from our dreaded reality.

From learning new recipes, working out at home, binge-watching Netflix, experimenting with our skincare routines, or even simply resorting to playing dress-up, it’s safe to say we did our best to cope. And for style savants, we can all relate to the last one. After all, the legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham said it best: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

And for Chris Nick, he knows how difficult it may be to imagine a life post-pandemic. “It is hard to imagine what we will want to wear once this is all over since the world of fashion has been in a sort of a pause,” he admits. “But I’m very optimistic still for the future of fashion.”

A Luscious Escape

To feel frustrated about being restricted and limiting our interactions due to what’s happening around us is valid. Socialization is part and parcel to individuals and to society at large. It illustrates how completely intertwined we are and our social world.

So, for Chris Nick’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection in time for his birthday, he draw all of these energies of being held up in our own little boxes for far too long and the need to socialise without precautions and to explore without fear in creating this collection. “It’s a world without restrictions and limitations—a world from not too long ago,” he describes.

“I began designing the collection late last year and due to Covid-19 restrictions, issues have sprung up delays in both production and release. But that didn’t stop me from thinking about how much I wanted to see glamor again,” he adds. “I wanted people to dress up again. And If not dress up right this minute, at least to be able to create something that would inspire—that would reignite.”

Last year, we witnessed the young designer releasing a loungewear collection because of the work-from-home arrangement. But after being “locked up” for so long, who wouldn’t want to have a bit of extravagance—a luscious escape.

This collection leans towards eveningwear with simple lines that show his fondness for minimalism. The pieces can be kept as a wardrobe staple and pull out anytime you want. You’ll notice that there are micro skirts, coordinates, doll-like eyes, and a nod to the mod fashion of the 60s, wherein he mixes soft and hard elements to contrast pieces for the modern-day Edie Sedgwick of Patti Boyd.

But as a true Filipino designer, Chris Nick never fails to keep his heritage intact. He yet again reimagines how the Filipiñana butterfly sleeves and the panuelo could be worn, making it the trend du jour while still maintaining that certain elegance and sophistication of the past, of course.

Chris Nick Collection

“I wanted to see women in sexy, fun, little, flirty numbers. I love it when women aren’t afraid to be strong and sensual,” he explains. “There’s a certain allure to a confident woman. A woman who disregards the norm of society here in the Philippines. A woman with lots of attitude. And when you are that, WHY NOT?”

Chris Nick’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection is now available on his website. Follow him on Instagram @_chrisnick for more updates.

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