Here’s How You Can Be A Co-Creator Of An Ambigram Jewelry

Here’s How You Can Be A Co-Creator Of An Ambigram Jewelry


Every time someone special gives you a jewelry, it is always a testament of their love and appreciation. And in every testament that is made, there is a story to celebrate—from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, to other huge milestones in life. With an optimistic outlook in life, and believing that each person has a story worth telling, Kat Nantes started designing ambigram jewelry where her pieces can impeccably reflect the magnificent story of every person.

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Specializing in typography, strokes, and colors, Kat is able to merge two or more words to create a piece that is uniquely yours. According to her, “an ambigram is a kind of typographical art wherein two or more words are combined to create one image or design that tells a story. In an ambigram, the integrity of the word or image is retained even when you view it from different orientations and directions.”

Kat Nantes

Whenever Kat designs an ambigram, she makes it a point to collaborate with her clients making them a co-creator of the ingenious jewelry piece. “We call our clients co-creators, because we are symbolizing their own stories through every piece. I based my design on my co-creator’s preferences and experiences. They are the ones who choose which names, words, and images to combine in one piece.”

Here are five ways on how you can be a co-creator of your ambigram pendant:

Initial A (for April), M (for Mike when rotated), and W (for Wacks, as reflected) – 14k Yellow Gold

Glyph Ambigram

A glyph ambigram is a combination of two or more letters to form the typography, which is perfect for co-creators who prefer to use their initials.

Gigi and Love (when rotated) – Silver

Rotation Ambigram

Based from how it is called, it is a combination of two names or words wherein the second word is revealed when you flip or rotate the pendant.

Grace C and Raul – 14k Yellow Gold

Oscillation Ambigram

An oscillation ambigram is achieve when two or more different words can be read in the same direction with a perceptual shift.

Oliver and Initials P (for Patrick), D (for Derrick), K (for Kirsten) – Silver

Type Morph Ambigram

A type morph ambigram happens when names or words are used to form a specific shape. In this pendant the image of a dragonfly is formed by the name Oliver and initials P, K, and D.

Chelle and Jason – 14k Rose Gold

Reflection Ambigram

It is a combination of two names or words where the second name is revealed through eh pendant’s reflection on a mirror, water, or its shadow. This may also be worn in two ways depending on your choice of which name to wear for the day.

For orders and inquiries, visit @lovekatjewelry on Instagram and Love, Kat Jewelry on Facebook.

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