Comeback Kids: The Nostalgic Trends We Can’t Stop Wearing

Comeback Kids: The Nostalgic Trends We Can’t Stop Wearing


Last time, we talked about the flared trousers trend plucked right from the 80s and as seen from fashion week this season, nostalgia is definitely making a resurgence. Millennials, especially 90s-born kids will definitely resonate to this trend a lot, particularly due to the fact that 90s to 2000s fashion are probably the most recreated right now in terms of sartorial eras. This season, we’re seeing the comeback of the classic and reinventions of time-honored staples. Some of these, you’ll probably still find in your closet or lying around in your parents house. See all the nostalgic trends we’re totally obsessed with below:

Dad sneakers

Just when you were poking fun at those chunky New Balances before, little did you know that they’re going to be taking over the fashion scene soon enough. Like mom jeans, “dad” sneakers are usually considered to be centered on practicality and low on actual style. But the thing is, alongside its durability and comfort, they have more retro fashion appeal than we give them credit for. Opt for bright (even neon!) hues or high-tech closures for a pair that’s definitively street.

Tiny sunglasses

Comeback Kids: Nostalgic Trends We Can't Stop Wearing
Photo from The Fashionista

If you’ve noticed, all the rage has been surrounding one ‘90s staple—tiny sunglasses. It girls have been straight up obsessed—Bella Hadid even took it to the red carpet several times from Dior shows to Off-White. There’s just something about teeny, tiny specs that accent outfits so well, bringing a one-of-a-kind touch to it. A quick look through nostalgic photos of Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, and Destiny’s Child will give you an idea; with smaller frames, it’s a nod to futurism and of course, an ode to minimalism.

Socks on sandals

Comeback Kids: Nostalgic Trends We Can't Stop Wearing
Photo from StyleDumonde

Alright, it’s not entirely just sandals but the resurgence of socks as statement accessories now shows the overhaul of this classic trend—bringing in a style that we would have side-eyed years ago. This time around, it’s fanciful hosiery on the spotlight—pieces that can beautifully embellish a shoe no matter what kind they are. While some might scoff at the thought of reinventing the socks on shoes trend, we say it’s absolutely a fun way to put an accent to the regular.

Cargo pants

Comeback Kids: Nostalgic Trends We Can't Stop Wearing
Photo from Who What Wear UK

You might have seen this trend all over Instagram already—that’s because all the cool girls are wearing them. In all honesty, these trousers were the epitome of convenience, albeit lacking in style at the time of its prime. Now, we’re seeing a great reinvention of the multi-pocket trouser and as lovers of the 90s aesthetic, we couldn’t be more excited. Consider wearing it with a sequinned slouchy vest (a la Valentino) or with a simple tee.

Belt bags

Comeback Kids: Nostalgic Trends We Can't Stop Wearing
The FashionMagPie

Admit it, before belt bags were brought back into fashion, you were one of the ones who were fully against them. Fashion is obsessed with revivals and they certainly resuscitated the once “uncool” and controversial staple of the 90s. While some may still disagree with fanny packs as fashionable, we beg to differ as it truly changes the way your outfit looks. Go for bold hues and varied shapes try a square rather than an oval for a more modernist take.

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