A Compilation of Girlhood Moments That Make Us Love Being a Girl

A Compilation of Girlhood Moments That Make Us Love Being a Girl


Wonder why the girls love going in groups to the washroom? Or why we’re so obsessed with the ‘Julia Disease’? In the broad spectrum of girlhood, these moments shine

In the era of the grand resurgence of Taylor Swift, Barbie—where Dua Lipa is a mermaid and Issa Rae is president, and Liza Soberano is taking over Hollywood, we’ve all heard the phrases, “Peak girlhood” and “This is girlhood.” It means—not all girls this, not all girls that. Not all girls are, these girls aren’t, these girls are, these girls do not, these girls do. Yes to pink and flowers, but also yes to rock bands and photocard collections. We’re not one action or one word, we’re complex and challenging, simple and laid bare, we co-exist and share space—not a subspace nor a second, but a space. We’re not the other, but an other—and we thrive in this spectrum altogether.

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Girls as working adults trying to schedule a day-out that never pushes through

Finding a day that works with everyone is a harder task than people think, especially when all the girls are busy getting that bread. Seeing each other might prove to be more than a miracle.

Gossip is a human right

As long as we’re not stepping on anyone, it’s important we know the tea! They broke up?! When? Who did what to who?! NO WAY.

I’m a celebrity on a talk show at 3 AM

It’s so fun talking to an imaginary person when you’re bored and you share complex pieces of lore about yourself. Or talk about an imaginary ‘record’ or ‘movie’ you just so happened to release or star in recently.

Girl hears ‘Dancing Queen’ and immediately dances like Julia Barretto

A pop culture moment that will never be forgotten. The trajectory of girls’ lives were changed with that dance.

Rewatching my Instagram story over and over again…because I’m so hot

Self-love is important, girls.

“Why am I still single?” wonders girl who doesn’t know the difference between roasting and flirting

Sometimes though, a mix of that plus a healthy conversation? Sign us up.

The night out: getting ready in one place with makeup strewn everywhere, holding hands in crowded places so no one gets lost, going to the bathroom together and complimenting a random stranger, the debriefing afterwards

This is, unfortunately, something men will never understand.

I graduated. Now what?

There’s a gap after the ceremonies in which you realize you don’t know what you’re going to do next—and that’s fine. Reality has no prescribed timeline. The world will wait for you to conquer it.

Fighting with Mom one second and then shopping with her the next

We don’t know how this is a universal experience, but our moms are really our besties. In times of crisis, we turn to her: not fight, not flight, but a secret third option (call my mom about it).

Outfit planning in our heads works…sometimes

“I’m busy,” says girl who will be busy crying over books and people that don’t exist

Woman loves reading men’s astrological birth chart but cannot seem to read the red flags

Girls, repeat after me: red is not our favorite color.

Girl wants to be in love but also, YIKES

Girl falls in love when asked about how her day went then proceeds to ghost you. If you want to date her, beat her six overwhelming attempts to push you away…then give her attention.

“We received your payment,” girl reads while crying

Sometimes, we close our eyes when we’re checking out and try to reason with ourselves: “I need this. This will make me happy.” And they do!

Girl gets made fun of for having interests

…Then no one bats an eye when men partake in fantasy football or collect sneakers for fun, but as soon as a 27-year-old teenage girl obsesses over a band or a pop star, it’s the peak of comedy and confusion. Let us enjoy stuff! As long as we’re not hurting anyone, don’t step on girls who are just doing everything to enjoy life and make it a little better.

“I don’t care anymore,” says girl who continues to try very hard

Alexa, play this is me trying by Taylor Swift.

Girl who gets mad when she leaves the house forgetting her jewelry and perfume

Batting an eye at every minor inconvenience…sounds familiar?

Girl thinks applying a confusing skincare routine and curating Spotify playlists suited for every mood is equivalent to getting her life in order

It is therapeutic, though.

This doesn’t even cover half of it, but if you find yourself in this list, know you have a girl with you! There’s so much more to discuss, but everything boils down to there is no unique representation of what girlhood is. Long live girlhood.

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