The Funniest Tweets From Blooms, K-Pop Fans, and International Netizens about BINI

The Funniest Tweets From Blooms, K-Pop Fans, and International Netizens about BINI


BINI is taking the world by storm, and all we can say is it’s about time.

The nation’s girl group is all over our feeds and everyone on X is loving it. It’s only really up from here as the girls are internationally recognized for their vocal prowess, synchronized choreography, humble and funny personalities, and visuals. From the Blooms, K-Pop fans, and international netizens—here are all the tweets that made us smile and laugh.

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This almost-7 million tweet on BINI’s ending fairy segment began yet again another internet stir after Pantropiko‘s worldwide takeover. Of course, BINI is known not just for their visuals, and their Filipino songs deserve to be and are getting a broader audience globally. This is what it means to be the nation’s girl group, and they never fail to prove how they earned that title.

The Blooms are really proud of the group, but what’s funnier is how they adapt the group’s humor. Blooms and BINI have a special bond; there’s no doubt they’re supporting the right group as the girls’ professionalism (the 360° choreography and blocking so that the whole arena can enjoy their performance at the CEU sports fest? Enough said), stage charisma, and love for craft really shines through.

BINI’s comeback EP Talaarawan with title track Salamin, Salamin is out now on all digital streaming platforms.

Featured Image: STAR MUSIC PH (via X)

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