Cut Down Your Skincare Routine With These Essentials From Nuxe

Cut Down Your Skincare Routine With These Essentials From Nuxe


Many of us might already be familiar with the Eastern skincare routine, with the infamous 10- or 12-step Korean regimen probably on our minds. While there is nothing wrong with layering on the creams, serums and essences, there are some of us who prefer the more fuss-free approach of a Western skincare routine comes. Aiming for practicality, these types of regimens tend to use products with 3-in-1 properties.

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This is where French skincare brand Nuxe comes in. Just in time for the holidays, they present to us beauty essentials we didn’t even know we needed.

1. Huile Prodigieuse Limited Edition

The cult favorite product on everyone’s beauty drawer gets a makeover this holiday season! Inspired by Parisian lingerie, illustrator Mademoiselle Stef worked with Nuxe to create the limited edition packaging.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Huile Prodigieuse, trying it once is enough for you to fall in love with it. Made with 7 precious botanical oil, the product can be used to hydrate the face, nourish the hair, and illuminate and nourish your body as well.

Skincare Routine Parisian EssentialsNuxe

2. The Aquabella Collection

Perfect for those with combination skin types, Nuxe’s new Aquabella Collection ins a simple three-part skincare regimen. Consisting of a Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Gel, Beauty-Revealing Essence Lotion and Beauty-Revealing Moisturizing Emulsion, the products are all infused with White Waterlily and Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid to make your skin as radiant as ever.

Skincare Routine Parisian EssentialsNuxe

3. Rêve de Miel Lip Balm with Honey

Are your lips constantly chapped? Nourish them with the new and improved Rêve de Miel Lip Balm with Honey, reformulated with the newly added Propolis Oleoactive and an extra boost of Shea Butter.

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