8 Dad Style Essentials That You Will Actually Want To Wear

8 Dad Style Essentials That You Will Actually Want To Wear


Here’s everything in your dad’s closet that you will actually want to wear!
Who says that Dads don’t have a place in fashion? Whoever you are, you’re probably wrong. In fact, everything you’ve laughed about your Dad’s outfit is so trendy you might actually want to “borrow” it. From the good old bucket hats to the trendy chunky sneakers—you have to admit that even brands like Balenciaga and Gucci are into ‘Dad Style’ right now.
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But you don’t have to splurge just to get the Dad look you want to achieve. Your dad probably has them in his closet, hidden and forgotten. Are you ready to rummage your Dad’s closet for all the things you can style on your own? Check out the list below for all the ‘Dad Style’ essentials:

Dad Caps

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Ball caps never seem to go out of style. For a long time now, boys and girls alive have been pulling it off in their own stylish ways. But long before we did, Dads have been rocking the look making it one of their iconic fashion essentials.

Bucket Hats

Photo from Getty Images

It’s been a while since this piece made a comeback in the fashion scene and there’s a high chance that your dad owns one of these. It’s one of those hats he wears on out of town trips, even to the beach, packed together with his Wayfarer.

Hawaiian Shirts

Photo by Sandra Semburg

Hawaiian shirts are not just for Lito Atienza anymore. It seems like more and more non-dads (and even girls!) are sporting the fresh and summery floral shirts. If you don’t want to be left out, it’s time “borrow” the one in your dad’s closet that’s probably long forgotten!

The Dad Jeans

Photo from Collage Vintage

The Dad version of Mom Jeans. Light-washed and loose-fitting, these are the ultimate standards for finding the dad jeans. It might be time to trade your usual skinny jeans for the real skinny legends.

Cargo Pants

Photo from Style Du Monde

We’ve seen Kendall Jenner work the baggy pants. But before Kendall, came our dads and their multi-pocket pants that are so light and functional, every girl actually wants to know how to rock it. We know you want those pockets so maybe it’s time to give it a try.

Bermuda Shorts

Photo from Style Du Monde

These casual knee-length pleated shorts have been a part of the Dad culture and now even ladies and young men are deciding it’s not just for dads anymore. It’s casual yet can be work-appropriate, making it a versatile addition to your closet!

Fanny Packs

Photo from Getty Images

You probably own one of these. To think that we all laughed about it before it became high fashion, we owe an apology to our fathers. These handsfree bags will now stay in style, and it’s all thanks to our dads.

Dad Sneakers


Photo from Style Du Monde

This trend from the 90s is a staple for Dad fashion. If you found it funny how dads wore it with their basketball high socks, then he’s probably laughing at you now for doing the same.

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