Daniel Padilla Channels His Old Role in This New Photoshoot

Daniel Padilla Channels His Old Role in This New Photoshoot


He is still as mysteriously charming as ever—like the role he played almost 10 years ago!

Actor Daniel Padilla has already portrayed a number of roles that remain memorable to fans and casual viewers. From his first big break as Patrick in Growing Up to now as Eloy in 2 Good 2 Be True, he has learned to slowly tell the story of each character he plays.

Having a mysterious persona comes natural for the actor, and it’s no surprise that this makes him more bankable. Casually cool with a breath of cheerful energy, Daniel is the perfect face for Mossimo‘s newest collection, Happy Vibe.

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The teaser itself seems like a throwback to one of his most loved roles—Joaquin Manansala on Got to Believe, especially with what seems like a revival of the character’s hoodie-phase in 2013.

Casual streetwear has been Daniel Padilla’s go-to style for a cool vibe, and it is only fitting that the actor has been chosen as the new face of the brand.

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