Designer Spotlight: Chris Nick On Creating Timeless Classics

Designer Spotlight: Chris Nick On Creating Timeless Classics


They say simplicity is beauty, and that reigns true with fashion designer, Chris Nick.

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Best known for his luxe pieces that merge masculine and feminine elements, Chris Nick once again gears up to showcase his holiday collection for MEGA Fashion Week 2019 tonight.

Consider Chris Nick as the fashion confectioner for arrestingly elegant designs. His expert construction for classical frocks redefines what power in dressing means. Drawing inspiration from the era of Paris and old Hollywood, he transforms sultry silhouettes into modern and romanticized versions of the current trends.

Silk, second-skin sheaths, and comfortability… What’s not to love?

Chris Nick’s main goal in his designs is to dress up women (and men!) where they can feel their utmost confidence. Thus, creating a certain look that is both timely and timeless. After all, where there is confidence, there is an aura of power.

“For the collection, it focuses on the 40’s — where women had to take on more roles in the society since men had to take on the war,” Chris tells MEGA. “Women had to opt for more utility hence more tailored pieces. Shining light on women who are independent, powerful and glamorous — where men are merely just an accessory.”

Chris’ designs also reflect himself; a coalescence of masculine and feminine. “The collection shows an edgier and fresher take on power dressing. Ultra sensual and feminine, never subdued.”

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Photos by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100
Styled by Lyn Alumno

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