Designer Spotlight: Yves Camingue On Fusing The Old And The New

Designer Spotlight: Yves Camingue On Fusing The Old And The New


Something new-ish & something borrowed: a closer look to the eccentric visionary, Yves Camingue.

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Behind the runway in One Canvas Makati, there’s a welcome for a mixture of colors where Yves Camingue and his army of beautiful models are preparing for his MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019 show. The frenzy of bedazzled pieces are hung on racks throughout, waiting to be debuted in the hours to come.

Yves Camingue has been a standout designer in every runway show for his kaleidoscopic pieces, where his designs are created for the trendy, but practical fashion girls. Even the biggest celebrities of this generation, namely Nadine Lustre, Gabbi Garcia, and Maymay Entrata, have worn quite a few of his creations.

Yves’ creative brilliance is most evident in his upcoming collection, fusing nostalgia into a modern approach. “For the new collection, I drew inspiration mainly from the scenes and issues of the ’80s especially 1986, my birth year. Gender-bending dress smashing.” Yves tells MEGA.

He cites examples such as Prince & Blondie, youth rebellion, ballroom culture (like the shows, Pose and the soap opera Dynasty.) “So it’s bourgeois codes versus Elitist fantasy. Strict tailoring mixed with rebellious textures.”


Bright, playful, and daring, you ought to remember this emerging fashion designer’s name, because we know for sure that Yves Camingue will steer the Philippine fashion industry’s future as bright as the pieces he creates.

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