Did You Know? BINI’s First Single Was Composed by a National Artist

Did You Know? BINI’s First Single Was Composed by a National Artist


BINI continues to champion Filipino talent not just as a group, but more so in their discography

One can count the ways why and how BINI lives up to its “Nation’s Girl Group” title. Lately, the focus is more on their fashion, which highlights the ingenuity of their stylist and creative director Ica Villanueva, designers like Marian Zara, and businesses like Cora and Cecilia. But even before their debut, they have already established themselves as young women who advocate for Filipino talent especially when it comes to music. With that, did you know that their first single was actually composed by a National Artist himself? 

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BINI first single da coconut nut national artist ryan cayabyab nation's girl group
BINI released their pre-debut single, “Da Coconut Nut,” in 2020; Photo: ABS-CBN News

Championing Filipino talent

As Filipino artists themselves, the eight-member group is a testament to how our country is a powerhouse of well-rounded performers. But before Blooms knew Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, and Sheena during their official debut in 2021 with “Born To Win,” they already released a pre-debut single in November 2020. This track, a cover of Smokey Mountain’s “Da Coconut Nut,” was a song written by Ryan Cayabyab, who was recognized in 2018 as a National Artist for Music. 

With P-Pop offering a breath of fresh air to Original Pilipino Music, BINI’s rendition of Cayabyab’s 32-year-old song was actually a preview of their future releases as a group. From their first official single to their EP tracks lead by “Salamin, Salamin,” the girl group’s discography is a mix of dance-worthy and upbeat pop tunes as well as mellow and sentimental songs. Even with a variety of sounds from the octet, their overall concept generally highlights a more youthful and refreshing take on women empowerment. 

Filipino-coded through and through

Deriving their group name from the Filipino word, binibini, BINI has truly changed the landscape of Filipino music with their well-rounded members, intentional concept, and world-class performances. Apart from Cayabyab, Filipino musicians such as Nica Del Rosario, Bojam, Jonathan Manalo, and more have also contributed to their discography.

BINI first single da coconut nut national artist ryan cayabyab nation's girl group
Almost three years since their debut, BINI has achieved a number of accomplishments as artists; Photo: Brian Mamawan and Daniamme (via BINI from Instagram)

Meanwhile, BINI member Colet wrote “8” for their first album, Born To Win. In their second album, the whole octet was credited for writing “Strings.” “Karera,” their 2023 single and the first track of their Talaarawan EP, was also co-written by Colet, Mikha, and Stacey. When it comes to their dance, the group’s youngest member, Sheena, choreographed the chorus for their hit single, “Pantropiko.” Indeed, the group’s contribution to their performances prove that they truly do have a lot to give and showcase as artists.

Featured Image: ABS-CBN News

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