The Dior x Birkenstock’s Elevated Tokio Clogs Makes An Easy Dainty Wardrobe Staple

The Dior x Birkenstock’s Elevated Tokio Clogs Makes An Easy Dainty Wardrobe Staple


We don’t know about you, but we’re copping a pair or more as soon as this collab’s out.

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The Dior F/W (Fall/Winter) 2022 Menswear show flew at an entirely different altitude during the Paris Fashion Week in Milan. It showcased Dior Men’s artistic director and Vuitton alum, Kim Jones’ fresh collection. It was the total embodiment of school-boyish wit mostly fashioned in the French Maison’s signature hue, “Dior Gray”. 

Touted as a unique celebration, the Dior F/W 2022 Menswear show also paid homage to the fashion powerhouse’s 75th anniversary. 

It’s good to note that Jones doesn’t usually doesn’t fly solo for his creations. It is a known fact that he is quite fond of tapping artists and writers to hugely craft his work. Shawn Stussy, KAWS, Raymond Pettibon, Yoon Ahn, and Daniel Arsham are just some of the big names he’s partnered with. However, for this season, it is largely Jones’ efforts and creative mind to thank for the sophisticated runway designs. The only welcomed guest in the Dior F/W 2022 Menswear show? Germany’s signature comfy footwear brand, Birkenstock

To counter, Birks is no stranger to collaborations, too, and isn’t at its first rodeo with this Dior partnership. To name a few, it’s already gone with high fashion brands like Proenza, Schouler, Jil Sander, and Rick Owens. 

The models’ choice of footwear signaled and confirmed to the fashion world that there will be a forthcoming collaboration between the two brands. After that, it was just an uproar on social media. Everybody was elated at the sight of the reimagined Tokio clogs—and so. are. we

The Classic Tokio Clogs But Reimagined With Dior High Couture

The 1987-released Tokio clogs have uncanny similarities to the well-loved and still-in-demand Boston clogs. But with Dior’s revamping, it is expected that this might be replacing the latter mules in terms of choice and popularity. The humble footwear’s transformation to high couture can be attributed to Dior’s in-house footwear lead designer, Thibo Denis

Fun fact: To up your Dior lexicon, here’s a little fashion history regarding the French Maison: Denis is behind Dior’s B27 sneaker and monogrammed moon boot. 

The unisex mules now boast earth tones in taupe, beige, brown lambskin, and a special gray hue that matches the Dior F/W 2022 Menswear show’s “Dior Gray” wardrobe. It’s also been reinforced with rubber mudguards by the toes—is this why it’s touted as “chic gardening shoes”? 

It still features industrial buckles by the cross-foot strap. Although now, the Tokio clogs bear the signature triangular Dior logo—courtesy of Matthew Williams. The signature details don’t stop there. Birkenstock’s classic cork platform is plastered with “DIOR” by the heel. In true collaborative fashion, when flipped over, you’ll be greeted with Dior and Birkenstock’s co-branding embossed all over the outsole. 

Sounds great already? But wait, there’s more. One iteration of the revamped mule is adorned with delicate floral embroidery. It boasts of high-fashion dainty sophistication that forecasts this collab as lucrative, highly anticipated, and a successful venture. 

Will this be the next addition to bolster the pandemic’s ugly shoe-turned-cool phenomenon? Wi be cemented as everybody’s opulent house shoes that subtly flex one’s head-to-toe high fashion gear? Should we anticipate it-girls to casually don this couture pair when they’re out for errands? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see until the slated release. For now, excuse us while we continue gushing. 

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