Wait, They’re Hip Now? “Ugly Shoes” That Have Managed To Make It To The Cool List

Wait, They’re Hip Now? “Ugly Shoes” That Have Managed To Make It To The Cool List


These kicks have gone from “what are those?!” to “give me those!” 

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Some trends just don’t die, especially in fashion. Instead they lie low, waiting to pounce and make a comeback. We’ve seen this time and time again. Y2K Fashion, anybody? It’s good to note though that some that have reemerged don’t just enter the doors in throwback fashion, instead they come completely packaged in a different light. Case in point: stomps that used to receive laughs and a bad rep but are now stepping out dignified and celeb-approved. 


No, you definitely have not been transported back to the late aughts. The rubber-holed mules along with its bulbous silhouette, polarizing colorways and loud accessories called jibbitz are hip again. 

The famous clogs were painted as hideous and pointless (what are those holes exactly for?!) during its early days. Now, with its heavy duty collaborations, such as their second collaboration with pop star sensation Justin Beiber March last year and renowned brands such as Balenciaga, Benefit Cosmetics and Japanese retailer Atmos Pink—it’s safe to say that this is one ugly shoes brand that’s landed on the cool list. 


Y2K-inspired fashion just seems to keep on throwing punches and honestly, we don’t mind. Making another divisive return are Uggs, but now made more keen for warmer climate. Shrunk to the ankles, the cozy classic tan sheepskin-lined boots have become a lightweight wardrobe staple for many it-girls like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski. Call them by their new fancy name, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot and cop it at P9,700+ ($190)

The celeb-favorite is a fusion of a lightweight fluffy boot and a slipper. Hence, it makes the comfiest pair to don while out on errands or when lounging by the couch; binging on Netflix and take-out. 


Take them as slides, sandals or snap-ons, whatever your pick is, Birks are apparently in fashion again. We get it, its cork footbed and bulky silhouette pushes it to the category of “ugly shoes” but we’re telling you, it’s now cool! However, one cannot deny how approachable its roomy toe box and adjustable straps are. Let out a sigh of relief from your kitten strap heels and loubs once you slip into these practical bad boys. 

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Perhaps the reason why ugly shoes are so popular despite its polarizing look is because they’re simply comfortable. Last in the list are the Yeezy slides—when looked at, they fall more on the lines of functional rather than vogue. These platforms sport gummy soles that will make you feel like you’re on another Y2K-inspired ride with how chunky they are. Other pro’s to these? They’re waterproof and a whole lot of fun when jumping in—swim and bounce away as you please, dear.

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