Durex Philippines Stages a Party Celebrating Uniqueness, Exploration, and Pleasure

Durex Philippines Stages a Party Celebrating Uniqueness, Exploration, and Pleasure


The Durex-mas for All, Pleasure for All: Naughty and Nice Year-End Party encourages personal pleasure and nurtures meaningful connections

Durex Philippines aims to convey a strong message by cultivating a community that motivates one another and shares the joy of personal pleasure. The night unfolded at Ugly Duck in Poblacion, where the blend of entertainment, empowerment, and drag came together in an explosion of holiday fun. 

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Durex Philippines Party
The drag queens who lit the stage on fire with their amazing perfomances

Marina Summers, Arizona Brandy, M1ss Jade So, Bernie, Matilduh, and Myx Chanel kept the flame of self-expression alive with captivating performances throughout the evening. Beyond entertainment, this was a strong commitment by Durex Philippines to embrace diversity and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. 

m1ss jade so
Drag Queen Performer M1ss Jade So

2 Days of Durex-mas

Durex Philippines featured a showcase of products designed to maximize fun and “experience maximum pleasure.” Guests got to check out top-notch items like condoms, lubricants, and toys that “go beyond pleasure essentials.” 

Drag Queen Performer Matilduh

Flipping the script on the notion that condoms kill the fun, Durex Invisible offers an ultra-thin design that’s practically invisible. Coming in hot is the stamina-boosting Durex Performa 12, which tosses out the old idea that slipping on a condom is a buzzkill for your performance. Play Classic and Saucy Strawberry lubricants enhance pleasure to a higher plane, “where friction disappears, and smooth sensations reign supreme.” For that extra fun, there’s the Durex Intense Vibe Ring “designed to bring 20 minutes of quivering pleasure to partners or self.”

Drag Queen Performer Bernie

“Just as the holiday season builds excitement, the 12 Days of Durex-mas showcase aims to spark anticipation and fulfill the commitment to make pleasure not just a possibility, but [also] a guaranteed and extraordinary experience waiting to be discovered,” Durex Philippines mentioned. Their goal is to get across the idea of being able to explore, enjoy, and dive in with a sense of adventure and thrill centered on pleasure.

Myx Chanel
Drag Queen Performer Myx Chanel


Chriselda Segunda from Durex Philippines established the mood for the night, extended a welcome to all, and invited them to #ComeTogether for an exciting party ahead. Baus Rufo then took charge of the show as host and elevated it to his trademark level of gay fun. The night was filled with engaging games and fabulous drag performances, all in a fun way that reminded its guests to stay safe. 

arizona brandy
Drag Queen Performer Arizona Brandy

“We’ve #ComeTogether to laugh, learn, and celebrate pleasure for everyone—creating memories that will last longer than just tonight,” declared Camille Taguba from Durex Philippines.


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