The Future Of Non-Invasive Beauty Is Here With Evoke

The Future Of Non-Invasive Beauty Is Here With Evoke


Non-invasive facial treatments have been the trend in aesthetic procedures, and for 2021, the Aivee Clinic brings us Evoke – the first breakthrough contactless treatment in Asia that can give you a sleeker jawline and slimmer face shape.

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Long gone are the days that the only solution to sagging skin and wrinkles is to go under the knife. While this remains to be a valid option, many beauty enthusiasts have fallen in love with non-surgical procedures. Thanks to the constant innovation that our beauty experts strive for, high-tech facial treatments can improve your appearance in an indefinable way.

If you’re hard pass on needles but want results that are beyond the capabilities that any anti-aging skincare can give, the new addition to Aivee Clinic’s roster of treatments is one that pays-off. Evoke is the new non-invasive and contactless facial treatment that’s a first in the Asian region and we get to try it out first. The treatment is done with an all-in-one amplified RF (radio frequency) facial remodeling device. The device that looks like bulky headset is to be worn on the head and is then able to re-organize the tissues of the face and neck by using heat. It effectively slims and reveals a more contoured face. The best part about is that its hands-free and painless.

The Benefits

Non-surgical treatments eliminate the risks linked to invasive procedures but can still yield the same results. Any pain, scarring, or the long recovery time that usually comes with surgery is removed in the process of Evoke. Patients can even use this as their special alone and self-care time. The process is hands-free, meaning the machine does all the work and the doctors just set it up. You can read a book, listen to calming music, or watch television while Evoke turns back the time on your skin. Definitely far less nerve-wracking than invasive surgeries.

How It Happens

The sensors in Evoke, allow the device to sustain the temperature needed to indue the inflammatory response necessary for the body to produce collagen and elastin. Amplified RF  energy is then sequentially delivers to each applicator providing even heat distribution across the treatment area. The jaw and neck are the first ones to lose its elasticity, which Evoke directly targets. Sub-dermally the device then remodels tissue to chisel your facial features.  Similar to working out your face, the heat will tighten your skin and will leave a sensation similar to a massage.

High-Technology Safety

Evoke is the only RF facial remodeling device cleared by the FDA and is safe for all skin types. The device is user programmable and includes temperature monitoring, and a temperature on or off control. The sensors in the device are also able to recognize the neck and jaw in order to monitor the temperature 1,000 times a second and cut off the energy if it exceeds the set threshold level. This will ensure that no patient will be viable to burn or irritations.

Built-in audible indicators will then sound when each applicator reaches the optimal temperature to provide real-time feedback on the treatment. A special feature on Evoke is the Patient Call Button. This allows the clients to easily pause the treatments and have clinic staff make adjustments if required. Whereas the treatment screen enables physicians to visually monitor the thermal effect of each applicator at any point during the procedure.

With Evoke, achieving lasting youthful skin will require the opposite of pain and fear. Just a few minutes of self-care at an Aivee Clinic and a contactless facial heat massage is all it takes to keep your face at its best shape.

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