Exclusive: Daniel Padilla’s Hairstylist Reveals the Inside Scoop on His Fresh, New Look

Exclusive: Daniel Padilla’s Hairstylist Reveals the Inside Scoop on His Fresh, New Look


MEGA Man dives into the details of Daniel Padilla’s hair update, getting insider tips from the stylist on how to effortlessly pull off the hairstyle

Starting off 2024 with a bang, Daniel Padilla caught everyone’s eye by showing off a fresh style—a shorter, tidier haircut. Uncover the secrets behind his transformation as stylist Jun Jun Parcero tells it all in an exclusive interview with MEGA Man. From Padilla’s specific requests to the steps taken to achieve the look, delve into the details of his stylish update.

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Dapper debut 

Daniel Padilla sports a new haircut
As 2024 begins, Daniel Padilla gets a fresh new haircut.

Parcero is familiar with styling hair for big-name stars. Among his notable clients are SB19, Jake Cuenca, and Vhong Navarro. Now, joining this impressive list is none other than Daniel Padilla himself. “Actually, this year lang, noong January 2,” he fondly recalls. He expresses that getting the chance to work on the actor’s haircut for the first time is an honor that he truly appreciates.

Daniel’s demand

The hairstylist reveals that what we saw online wasn’t the first hairstyle they planned for. Padilla wanted a different look, but he thought it was too short. With his expertise, he suggested another one that suits the gentleman’s face better and highlights his features. When asked how the actor reacted, the stylist happily shares that the 28-year-old said, “Sige, Kuya Jun, I trust you.” He also mentions that Padilla is like a dream customer for barbers because he’s kind and loves to chat during the process, making it less scary and stressful.

The exact hairstyle

Parcero mentions that Daniel’s 2024 style is all about rocking the mid-fade textured fringe. You’ve surely spotted it on other stars like James Reid, Kelvin Miranda, and Ronnie Alonte. It’s no wonder many guys are falling for this style, and you can certainly expect more to join the club this year. Steal the look by asking your trusted hairstyling to first separate your hair on top to make the front part. Next, use scissors to give the front some texture and cut it the way you like. Make a middle fade with clippers, starting high and going down to low near the neck. Smooth out the fade by using various clipper lengths for a consistent change. Lastly, tidy up the edges and style the textured front using your favorite hairstyling product.

Mane tip

DJP's newest hairstyle
The actor’s pick for the year? Mid-fade textured fringe haircut

Jun Jun Parcero ended the exclusive chat with a reminder that a great haircut is the key to confidence for every man. So, why not make 2024 the year to try out different styles and find the one that embodies the true you?

Photos: RYAN VILLORIA and JUN JUN PARCERO (via Instagram)

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